Thursday 19th June 2014 - We're all off to sunny Spain

Yes, it's true. I have an important meeting with author, Paul Hogan, tomorrow. Unfortunately he happens to live in Andalucia so that's where I've got to go. Ceri is coming along to carry my fishing tackle. Well - I have to do some research while I'm there.

During the years when it was awkward to illustrate this diary I accumulated lots of interesting photographs. Better late than never - I'll resurrect one from time to time. Here is the first - illustrating how two trout from the same spot can be preoccupied with completely different food items. Both took a big sedge off the top. And here is their captor - in the days when I only had a few flies in my hat.

A brace of Gwyddior trout, both caught on the big sedge. A brace of Gwyddior trout, both caught on the great red sedge.


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