FISHING: ITS CAUSE, TREATMENT AND CURE. By H.T. Sheringham. Symptoms by G.E. Studdy.

FISHING: ITS CAUSE, TREATMENT AND CURE. By H.T. Sheringham. Symptoms by G.E. Studdy.

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Author Sheringham (Hugh Tempest). (1876-1930).
Book Code 1765
Book Description Mint in slipcase.

(1925) 1996 new edition. 8vo (160 x 240mm). Pp139. B/W plates by G.E. Studdy. Fully bound in bonded leather, gilt, silk marker. Edition limited to 750 copies.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1996
Publisher The Flyfisher's Classic Library.
Place Bovey Tracey.
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The expert angling author, H. T. Sheringham teamed up with the illustrator G. E. Studdy (of 'Bonzo' fame) to produce, in 1925, a most hilarious and charming book. No fisherman will keep a straight face on reading the text and viewing the illustrations. This book is an ideal gift to any fellow angler. We offer a brief excerpt: "A Bull It sometimes happens that you come upon a bull suddenly and without a moment for thought or plan. Then you must depend on the moral dignity of man, on a haughty brow, a flashing eye. Do not, however, presume on your manifest superiority. Behave as one gentleman to another. If the bull is right-minded he will move slowly away.If not, if he shows a disposition to contest your passage, you must advanceupon him, shouting in a great and terrible voice. If this has no effect, you are obviously in a tight place, and there is but one thing to do. Lie down at once and pretend to be dead." Quotation from a letter by the author - "Some (underlined) of it is still amusing - Mr Takingsilk and the Nox Ambrosiana, for instance. With other parts I am not so pleased as Iwas. "Nos et mutamur", alas! But Studdy's corn is immense - worth the pricethe publishers ask for the whole book".