HORNED DEATH. By John F. Burger.

HORNED DEATH. By John F. Burger.

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Author Burger (John F.).
Book Code 43444
ISBN 0940143666
Book Description Very slight browning but very good. Lacks dust-wrapper.

(1947) laminated boards reprint of 1986 edition. 8vo (145 x 223mm). Ppvi,xii,342. B/w photographs, pictorial end-papers. Laminated boards.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1986
Publisher Safari Press.
Place Long Beach, California.
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This is a reprint of the original version of the book later abridged and published as "African Buffalo Trails". It has five more chapters than the later version. "This is the bible on the African buffalo, by a man who shot more than one thousand of these brutes in his lifetime. This is what one of our readers had to say: "I decided to pick up this book for a perspective on what hunting must have been like on a continent that was still untamed. I was not disappointed. The adventures described by John Burger are fantastic. The reasons we hunt vary, but at the core is adventure, excitement, and the amazing experiences we undertake during the pursuit of game animals. Without getting too philosophical, this book has it all. It is a very easy read. Each chapter is a different adventure (Cape buffalo, Pygmies, lions, elephants, cannibals, and so on). Burger was employed by various companies to supply meat for the workers of the railroads before WW II, and he had probably more experience shooting African buffalo than any other person. Hunting buffalo is never easy, for when a buffalo decides he does not like you, he looks at you as though you "owe him money," and, sometimes, you pay with your life. Just as Walter Bell's name is associated with the elephant, so is John Burger's name with the buffalo. Filled with fascinating tales of crop destroyers, rogues, vindictive buffaloes, and killers of natives-Africa's horned death!"