1988 GUN DIGEST HUNTING ANNUAL. FIFTH EDITION. Edited by Robert S.L. Anderson.

1988 GUN DIGEST HUNTING ANNUAL. FIFTH EDITION. Edited by Robert S.L. Anderson.

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Author Anderson (Robert S.L.). Editor.
Book Code 33751
ISBN 0873490126
Book Description Slight use, usual slight browning. Solidly intact second-hand paperback.

1984 2nd edition. 4to paperback (209 x 272mm). Pp224. B/w photographs throughout, b/w line illustrations.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 1987
Publisher DBI Books.
Place Northbrook, Illinois
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"ALL about hunting, the hunter and his tools, the game, the techniques." Lots to read, by some good names in the field. Chapters include: Roebuck in the heather, by R.J. Robel; Sauer's interchangeable barrel bolt action, by Frank Petrini; Squirrel talkin' tactics, by Don Zutz; Potholes are for the birds, by John Phillips; Long range buck busting, by Bob Bell; Antietam for turkeys, by Joe Byers; Remington rem chokes, by Dick Eades; 70-degree snows, by John A. Phillips; Keystone bruins, by Bob Bell; Varmint hunting's fun side - prairie dogs, by Nick Sisley; The hunter's blade, by Ken Warner; Game farm birds ...better than wild?, by Ed Matunas; Alaska, by Chuck Adams; S&W's practical plinker, by Howard French; Doves and dove guns, by Nick Sisley; Waterfowl shoot-out 10 gauge vs. 12 gauge, by Don Zutz; Africa's Big 5 isn't everything, by Jack Lott; Slugging it out, by Jon Sundra; Camouflage, by Rick Jamison; Moose hunting in Finland, by Layne Simpson; The Winchester lever legend, by Rick Hacker; Predators - plentiful and profitable, by Wilf E. Pyle; If you can't find 'em, you can't kill 'em, by Joe Byers; One man's mountain rifle, by Frank Petrini; Understanding elk [wapiti (Cervus canadensis)], by Chuck Adams; Bill Yeatts - world's greatest shotgun instructor, by Dick Eades; Queen Charlotte blacktails, by Jim Woods; Products for young hunters, by John Phillips, Jr.; Clay Harvey's gun cabinet, by Clay Harvey; Layne Simpson's duffel bag, by Layne Simpson; Hill's Side, by Gene Hill; Loads and reloads '88; New products '88; GDHA license directory.