A FLY FISHERMAN'S BLUE RIDGE. By Christopher Camuto.

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A FLY FISHERMAN'S BLUE RIDGE. By Christopher Camuto.

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Author Camuto (Christopher).
Book Code 26084
ISBN 0805018573
Book Description Cover slightly faded but a very good paperback.

(1990) 1992 paperback edition. 8vo paperback (140 x 208mm). Ppxvii,238. Maps, 3-page bibliography.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 1992
Publisher Henry Holt.
Place New York.
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The "pursuit of wild trout in the Blue Ridge Mountains creates the occasion for a compelling exploration of remnant wilderness in the southern Appalachians. Keeping one eye on the enduring beauty of the seasons and the other on the changing land, Christopher Camuto places flyfishing in the context of a natural world as fragile as it is beautiful." This book is a very readable extended essay on flyfishing along the watershed which runs SW to NE, west of Washington DC. Camuto sets the current state of the region in its context as the nearer end of a long period of change propelled by settlement, the dispossession of the native population and the destruction wrought by industrialisation. Essential reading for anyone considering visiting the region.