ART OF ANGLING JOURNAL. Volume 1, issue 3. By Paul Schmookler and Ingrid V. Sils.

ART OF ANGLING JOURNAL. Volume 1, issue 3. By Paul Schmookler and Ingrid V. Sils.

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Author Schmookler (Paul) & Sils (Ingrid V.). Editors.
Book Code 9223
Book Description Fine new copy.

2002. Volume 1. Issue 3. Large perfect-bound magazine format paperback (230 x 300mm). Pp208. Highest quality colour photographs throughout, advertisements.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 2002
Publisher Published by the editors. The Complete Sportsman.
Place Westborough, MA.
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A handsome and wonderfully illustrated journal. Articles on fly-tying and materials, fishing tackle collecting, angling art and literature. Brilliant photography and a superb production of the highest quality. This series was printed using a five-colour printing process, one of the five being real, metallic, gold. The obvious expense of this could have contributed to the early demise of the series, but has left us with wonderful, lustrous photographs. ISSN: 1536-9636. Articles include: Jim Leisenring - the Grand Old Man, by Gordon Wickstrom; Flies and fishing on Iceland's Midfjardara, by Skuli Kristinsson; Stan Bogdan - the man and his reel, by Douglas Merchant; Right on the money, by Adriano Manocchia; Gene Bahr - shaping a dream, by Michael Martinek, Jr.; Gentlemen and the sunk line, by Topher Browne; Streamers and bucktails of the world - their history and variations. Fly Tying Ornithology Part 3 - Indian Peafowl; Green Peafowl; Grey Jungle Fowl. My jungle cock flock, by Melissa Yell; Rhea Super Spey - high action flies for big fish, by Paul Miller; Dorado in the virgin forest, by Marcelo Morales; On bull trout and other fine natives of Montana, by Michael Simon; Collector's edge, by Jerry Girard; The one day wonder rod, by Ian Rutter; Nuggets - highlights of a half-century on, in, and at the waters of the world, by Jack Fallon; Dave's Real Shrimp and Crab, by David McHose; Walter C. Johnson 1915-2002, by Craig Shreeve; The true angler.