BENGAL LANCER. By F. Yeats-Brown.

BENGAL LANCER. By F. Yeats-Brown.

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Author Yeats-Brown (Major Francis Charles Claypon). (1886-1944).
Book Code 40276
Book Description Lacks front end-paper, some foxing and use. Good. Lacks dust-wrapper.

1930 1st edition. 8vo (140 x 221mm). Pp288. B/w photograph plates. Black cloth, spine titled in gilt.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1930
Publisher Victor Gollancz Ltd.
Place London.
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"So strange a story is this of the evolution of a normal everyday young Cavalry officer into an initiate in Vedic mysticism that we hesitate to label it." A chronicle of military life in the 41st Bengal Lancers regiment interspersed with "charas-laden" hookah smoking, affairs with expensive dancers, a great deal of spiritualism, a little bit of yoga and occasional sporting interludes into polo, horse-riding and pigsticking. The book's release was met with high praise and very positive reviews and was awarded the James Tait Black Memorial Prize Biography Award in 1930. The 1935 film, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, directed by Henry Hathaway, was very loosely based on this book though the plot bears little resemblance. "In 1905, Francis Yeats-Brown, then a young cavalryman, arrives in Bengal to serve in the 41st Bengal Lancers regiment. He quickly discovers that life in the presence of his fellow soldiers is anything but boring. When not on active duty, he spends his time riding horses around the countryside, hunting wild pigs and boars, and smoking tobacco. In addition to all this, Yeats-Brown begins to write about his exploits in India and the life of a Bengal lancer. In the middle of all this, he falls in love with "Masheen", a local woman with a talent for dancing, with whom he begins an affair. Their love becomes known as 'his forbidden love affair' within his regiment."