BIRDS OF HONG KONG. By Clive Viney and Karen Phillipps.

BIRDS OF HONG KONG. By Clive Viney and Karen Phillipps.

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Author Viney (Clive) and Phillipps (Karen).
Book Code 46292
ISBN 9620200780
Book Description Bump to top of slightly faded spine. A good-plus second-hand paperback.

(1977) 1989 5th edition. 8vo paperback (155 x 203mm). Pp214. Colour identification illustrations, b/w illustrations, maps, map end-papers.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 1989
Publisher Government Printer.
Place Hong Kong.
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This revised edition "of the standard work on Hong Kong's birds has been enlarged to include information on species occurring commonly in areas adjacent to Hong Kong but not yet established in the territory. The opportunity has been taken to add newly recorded birds, update information on where to watch birds and reflect recent changes in local status of species. Four original paintings have been replaced and plates illustrating woodpeckers and various hill country birds added. In this edition, new colour separations have ensured a high degree of accuracy in the reproduction of the entire collection of 82 paintings."