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  • Tuesday 26th July 2011

    Well - I sold my ton-and-a-half of books. The weather and the punters were kind to us and we all had a jolly weekend, enlivened by the presence of Mole Pledger who was working on a painting on our stand. We launched "While My Float's Still Cocked," and sold lots of copies.
    I'm suffering from fair-lag today, but also conscious that the forecast is set fair and that the river must have fined down to a good level for night fishing. And that the sea should be flat calm tomorrow morning. I can't really do both, and go to work. Think I'll potter in the garden while I ponder on it.

  • Tuesday 19th July 2011

    Vyrnwy was as hard as I expected in the bright sunshine. I winkled out half a dozen wild brownies including one of well over a pound. However I had the entertaining company of the oldest of the old fff..fellows, so enjoyed my day.
    Since then I've been busy packing books. I sent off three pallets to Blenheim today, so now I have to sell a ton-and-a-half of books before I can come home.
    We had a huge flood in the river yesterday and today, on one of my busiest days in the year, I knew it would be fining down. Anyway, I snuck off at 5pm and had a few casts above the tide. In an hour I had hits from a dozen fish, none of which stayed on, then I lost a shiny two-pounder at the net, then returned a couple of sewin, then as I was about to leave I caught three fish in three casts, one of them about three pounds. So my hour turned into almost three.
    I've enjoyed spinning this year; there is lots of scope for experiment. Tonight I had nothing on larger and brighter spoons or plugs. Then as soon as put on a small ABU minnow-spoon, with some added weight to get it out and down, I started hitting fish.

  • Thursday 14th July 2001

    I had a few more sea-trout on Saturday, including some nice little sea-liced sewin.
    My new waders arrived on Tuesday so I've been putting them to good use. It's been a typical week of saltwater flyfishing. On Monday evening the river mouth was full of bass and you-know-who had a tremendous haul on the fly, including some of around four pounds. I, of course, was at home having an early night. On Tuesday night I joined the picket-line at the river mouth. There were shoals of mullet as far as the eye could see, but no bass. I outlived the picket-line and stuck it out until after midnight. Last night I returned with Luke and no fish of any kind were to be seen - or caught.
    Today, in blazing sunshine, I have an appointment with a bacon sandwich at the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel in about an hour, followed by two hours fishing, a large lunch, and another two hours fishing. I won't take it too seriously.
    Then I must get busy preparing for the CLA.

  • Saturday 9th July 2011

    Well, Thursday's boat-trip was blown off, and the river was brown and unfishable. I went out after dinner and it had cleared enough to try the new lures I'd bought at Scone. I've tried and failed to add a picture of the Scone spoon that I used. It caught me half a dozen good sea-trout in an hour before I changed to a pretty little limited edition Rapala (also cheap from Scone) which was immediately eaten by a five-pounder. Even having put the smaller fish back, I still came home with four between three and five pounds.I've done worse some entire seasons!
    All of my waders leak, so I've ordered more, to be here after the weekend. Last night I braved wet feet in my thigh-waders for an unfruitful hour with the fly.
    Last night we had such torrential rain that I've spent the morning dealing with the aftermath. Later I'll put my wet waders back on and return to the river.

  • Tuesday 6th July 2011

    I'm just home from a successful trip to the Northern Ireland and Scottish Game Fairs with the Taxidermist. Only a little sport - I foiled the tackle-grabbing rocks at Isle of Whithorn by float-fishing a strip of mackerel, though I had to catch a mackerel first. Then had lots of fun as smallish pollack, coalfish and mackerel fought over the bait. In Perth I rowed the ancient Archivist around a beautiful small loch, catching several of his very nice trout.
    I made use of the trip, apart from selling loads of books to the canny Scots, to deliver a few de luxe Kelsons, and to renew old friendships. Last call was on the not-so-ancient Mr Grayling, who claims that he wants to retire. I helped him on his way by relieving him of a few more boxes of books. We probably arrived home carrying slightly more weight than when we left.
    Heavy rain this morning, but will it be enough for me to give a trial to the great assortment of plugs and spoons that I bought with my Scone takings? I'm booked on a boat-trip out of Aberystwyth tomorrow, but the forecast is rough. No matter, river, lake or sea - I'll be out somewhere tomorrow!

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