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  • Saturday 21st August 2011

    Bala Country Fair was fun; a little sleepy for business, but great for meeting old friends - some very old! The Dee was running high so Luke and I struggled with the grayling, catching mainly small trout.
    I've had two nights on the Dyfi this week, but both were cool and misty: as soon as the moon came up and the temperature dropped it was plain that I might as well be at home in bed.
    One evening I went prospecting well-down in the tidal reaches, fishing small flies in the broken water. All I caught were Gallichan's yellowfins; nice little chaps who should return next year as sewin. It was as good as a holiday, fishing into the sunset with an osprey and flights of teal overhead, and at first snipe, then later, bats and mosquitos darting about.
    Where are the otters this year? Last year I met with them, singles and families, every time I went out. This year I have spent more time on the river, but have not seen one.
    Bethan and Dewi have appeared from France, occasioning feasting, of course. Last evening we ascended to Caeheulon, bearing this year's biggest sea-trout cooling in the fish-kettle, and half of the next biggest as slabs of gravlax. We have a fine Canada goose for today; I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, yet, but it's looking like an unseasonal roast dinner.

  • Thursday 11th August 2011

    Luke and I headed back to the estuary but found only mullet. Later in the week we had an evening up at the lakes. Duncan and I headed further, up to Coch Hwyad, so we missed Luke hammering the Gwyddior fish during the evening rise. I just winkled out one big-headed pound-and-a-halfer prospecting in three inches of water. Much harder work than during the monster sedge hatches of June, but still spectacular fishing.
    I was going to Bala a day early to sort out the game fair stock, but was dissuaded by the weather forecast. So, I got a good day's work done - and had an hour on the river before dinner. I lost a couple of lumps, kept a two-pounder, and returned a few sewin. Still playing with different lures; I had a couple on a cheap one-inch simple copper spoon; lovely!
    We're packing grayling rods to take with us to the North Wales Country Fair tomorrow, but the evenings are drawing in so it might be a struggle to decide between fishing and fish & chips.

  • Thursday 4th August 2011

    Fair-lag turned to flu and put paid to the inclination to fish for almost a week. Then the venerable Burnett joined me for a night on the Dyfi and I made a miraculous recovery. Beyond a sewin for his breakfast we struggled, but still sat it out until almost 4am. Yesterday I punted down the estuary after tea. I hit bass immediately but left them after half a dozen 'cos I'd gone there to look for mackerel. Outside the bar it was cold and choppy, so I didn't persevere for long. I trolled back up to Aberdyfi, but the bass must have pushed further up the estuary with the tide.

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