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  • Wednesday 28th September 2011

    A glorious week is promised but I don't have a lot of time. I did nip out with the dinghy yesterday, but despite a beautiful afternoon there was a big swell on the coast - too much for me to launch off the beach - so I couldn't get to the reef. I came back to Aberdyfi and drifted down and across the bar but never saw

  • Thursday 22nd September 2011

    Despite a wet and windy night in Machynlleth it was flat-calm in Pwllheli and the trip went ahead. Two hours out it was a little rougher, but not enough to stop us having a great day's fishing. Despite being a complete novice at this kind of fishing, I had a nice cod on our first drift, and carried on with decent fish on every drift, culminating with a fifteen pound pollack. We were fishing at great depth - three times deeper than anywhere in Cardigan Bay - and it was pretty hard work, but good fun and I finished up with a fine bag of fish. I was fishing with a Sluggo rubber eel (with which I have signally failed to catch bass) and after two cod I caught pollack all day. In retrospect, I wonder if I had fished with a smaller (or shorter) lure, I might have increased the proportion of cod in the bag.
    Owen is coming tonight so I've stayed home and set up the smoker for a mixed bag of trout, sea-trout and pollack.

  • Monday 19th September 2011

    Back from the Midland Game Fair late last night. Despite lots of rain at home, Shropshire just had sun and showers - ideal game fair weather. This afternoon I snuck out after work to take advantage of the falling flood.I had three sea-trout in less than an hour, but they are now out-of-season on the Dyfi and are getting rather dark. I had the welcome company of an otter; the first I have seen for a while. He seemed to be beating up the submerged grass at the side of the river and catching and eating minnows.
    Tomorrow I'm booked on a wrecking trip out of Pwllheli. I'm assured that it is still on, despite the howling wind and rain I can hear outside, so I've spent the evening making up rigs and sorting out the heaviest gear that I could find.

  • Wednesday 14th September 2011

    What a pleasant place Frampton is, with a beautiful village green with lakes and ponds, a nice pub, apples and walnuts to scrump, the canal and the Severn estuary close by. We escaped the worst of the weather and Luke and I spent an afternoon in pursuit of predators in the canal. Unfortunately the zander are pretty thin on the ground (or in the water) so all we suffered were brief encounters with pike and small perch. As usual the blame is put on the Poles.
    The fair was pleasant too, but a lot of work and expense for one day, and not particularly remunerative.
    Bardsey was, of course, cancelled due to extreme gales, but we do have an alternative date in October.
    Today I'll be loading the vehicles for the Midland Game Fair; last of our big outdoor fairs - and it's not raining!

  • Wednesday 7th September 2011

    Well, I'd been hoping for rain, and now it's come with a vengeance. Let's hope it stops for an hour or two at the weekend for me to sell a few books at Frampton Country Fair.
    Yesterday the river was bank-high and red, and it wasn't until this afternoon that I thought it had dropped enough to have a go. I nipped out of the shop at 3.30 and was back by 4.30 with a silver seven-pound salmon. Very pleased with myself, I braved a soaking this evening and caught its twin. The first was on a plug and the second on a spoon.
    So I've done better today than I've done in some decades!
    Lots of terns over the river - something I've never noticed before and presumably a sign of storms at sea. Then, on the news tonight I saw that hundreds of shearwaters are being rescued in South Wales. It must be rough out there!
    Doesn't bode well for our Bardsey trip on Tuesday.

  • Friday 2nd September 2011

    The Fenland Country Fair was pretty sleepy, too; enlivened only by excursions to the Quy Water where we lured plenty of small pike, a few nice perch, and an odd chub or two. Encounters with old friends were rather dampened by reminders of mortality, with several reports of death and illness by friends, young and old.
    Back in the hills, we continue to feast our visitors, leaving little time for sport. Yesterday we toured Snowdonia, visiting old and not-so-old fishermen, in search of flies contemporary with William Roberts who wrote about fishing in the Ogwen Valley in the 1890s. I gleaned valuable information - and a few flies - from the kind fly-tyers of the North - and got my two small outboards serviced in Porthmadog while I was about it.

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