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  • Sunday 30th October 2011

    Just a few more hours on the catalogue, then I can get it off to the printers. Today's job is to reduce the size of my mailing list by 50%.
    Two major escapes this week. On Thursday Luke joined me in a Bardsey bassing expedition out of Pwllheli. It was pretty rough going through the sound, but settled down once we were on the banks, and we caught bass on artificials throughout the day. About half of them were returned but we still came home with a fine bag of fish.
    Yesterday the first shoot at Llanbrynmair was very mixed. Two drives were devoid of birds and not a shot was fired. The famous High Drive produced a few; I had three nice birds there. Then at Pandy we found all of the birds on one area - hundreds of them - and gave the guns a fine drive across the river.
    I took both labs. Copper, who I thought was slowing down a couple of seasons ago, worked like a two-year-old. The threatened rain never really got going, and we had a great day. I felt pretty tired but got a shock when I sat down in an armchair about 10pm and got serious cramp in both thighs simultaneously. I spent half an hour lying on the floor crying and swearing before it eased off!
    Not a great deal to report on in the woods. I saw the first two woodcock of the year, plenty of sloes (I'll have to go back for some of them), and virtually no mushrooms at all. Why has it been such a poor year for fungi? It seems to have been mild and damp enough, but I have had no good hauls yet.

  • Sunday 23rd October 2011

    On Friday I joined an expedition to fish for cod in the River Mersey. Fishing in a strong tide, just off the city centre, we caught codling up to six or seven pounds and thornbacks up to ten pounds, as well as heaps of whiting and dabs. It was a long day, and a long drive, but very successful. The fish were all full of food - crabs and small fish; the murky Mersey must be a lot cleaner than it looks - if we could only see it, the bottom must be a mass of fish and crustaceans.

  • Monday 17th October 2011

    Last day of the trout and salmon seasons, though I might have one more session to try to catch broodstock for the hatchery.
    On Saturday I once again spent the dusk up to my middle on the reef, this time throwing a fly. Conditions were wonderful but all I caught were a couple of baby pollack. The seals came to visit as the tide started to flow, then I moved to the rivermouth and carried on for an hour into the dark. That's the thing about bass fishing - even if all the conditions are perfect, you won't catch 'em if they ain't there.
    Before I fished I gathered a bucketful of mussels so I didn't come home empty-handed.

  • Saturday 14th October 2001

    We got out to Bardsey at the end of the last bad weather; it was a bit of a struggle but I had a couple of bass and a nice coalfish.
    A super sporting day yesterday - picking up with Jess in the morning, then floating plugs at Tonfanau in the evening. Not much sign of bass but Luke had a schoolie in the dusk. A lovely day today (despite Wales' unfortunate defeat) so I'll leave the catalogue and try the rivermouth at dusk again.

  • Tuesday 11th October 2011

    Flat out (well - almost) on my new catalogue, with little time for sport. However last Friday Jess and I stretched our muscles gathering the slain for the toffs at Llynlloedd. Jess worked admirably as usual and we were rewarded with a portion of the spoils; partridge, pheasant and duck.
    I've kept clear of the river, stuck at the computer in between the Pike Conference in Kettering, a visit to Yorkshire, and the Flyfishing Fair at Burton; none particularly profitable but all pleasant enough.
    In the morning, despite the wind in the eaves, I am due to sail to Bardsey in search of bass. So this evening I will abandon the computer and get to work on bass rigs and sustenance for the morrow.

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