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  • Wednesday 9th November 2011

    November is another great month for sport. Had a great day picking-up in shirtsleeves at Llynlloed on Friday - pheasant, partridge and duck with yet another wild turkey for ex-boss John Elfed. Then straight up to Westmorland for the Grayling Society do. On Sunday morning I braved the frost to cast a line on the Eden. Despite the cold I hooked a nice grayling of about a pound-and-a-half, then a few half-pounders. It started to warm up around noon, a few flies started to come off, then it was time for me to head south. I'm certain that the afternoon would have been fantastic, but I had to get home so that I could get up to Pwllheli for some more bass fishing on Monday! Caught a few nice bass at first, then as the tide slackened we had to hunt around, eventually finding some pollack and coalies in the sound. Great practice for the trip I have booked for Thursday!
    Catalogues arrived from the printers today, and I spent the last twelve hours doing a last proof-reading of our new book on Flyfishing the Welsh Borderlands. It's a good job the nights are long at this time of year.
    The garden is going to sleep, so we've been letting the hens out to scratch around the vegetable patch in the afternoons. A few nights ago, busy feeding guests with a fine goose, I forgot to lock them up and a fox found me out. The two Welsummers were getting on a bit, so it proved quite timely. I'll leave it until early Spring before looking for new stock.

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