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  • Wednesday 21st December 2011

    Nature's harvest has been limited over the past few weeks: a few horse mushrooms in November and some soggy wood blewitts and a feral Christmas tree in December, while occasional visits to Tom's have provided plenty of pheasants. A couple of hours there yesterday turned up a couple of cock pheasants for Ben, while I snapped our first woodcock of the season: all in such good condition that they were quickly claimed by the taxidermist.
    We fed the Coch-y-Bonddu staff on Monday night - smoked wild goose breast, then baked whole bass and cod. That'll teach them to work for such a predatory employer.
    Two of our projects arrived just in time for Christmas, Roger Smith's Flyfishing The Welsh Borderlands, and John Martin's Where Kingfishers Play.
    Today we fetch Bethan and Dewi from Manchester Airport, and Owen arrives from Cambridge. More feasting!

  • Monday 5th December 2011

    Tomorrow should have been another Mersey cod-bash but the miserable wintry weather has put paid to that. Just as well really, as the orders are piling in, and new books arrive from the printer daily. Sport has continued but I didn't want to bore you with a succession of duck flights and rough shoots; suffice to say that we have never been so well-stocked with game. Tom's pheasants are now big and fat, and usually shot at sufficient range to ensure that they are good clean birds for plucking and roasting. Mind you, the fattest of the last haul had a crop like a cricket-ball, consisting entirely of big juicy leatherjackets. If Tom knew that he'd be encouraging the pheasants and chasing me off!
    Our new printing of Roger Upton's Falconry Principles and Practice came in today, and we have been busy sending out our limited edition two-volume sets of Hardie's Ferox and Char in the Lochs of Scotland. Lots of interesting new books for Christmas!

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