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  • Thursday 26th January 2012

    Last weekend Ceri came with me to London for a bookfair. Trudging the streets is a lot harder work than walking the hills. Apart from several good meals, we spent an afternoon at the Natural History Museum and a morning at the British Museum. You can't say that I don't know how to give a girl a good time!
    Friday was the last day for the guns at Llynlloedd, a splendid day as usual with a nice mixed bag. One of Fenwick's twelve-pound vultures foolishly flew down the line to a barrage from the guns. It landed, running, in the wood and I risked making Jess hard-mouthed for ever by sending her after it. She retrieved it, despite its great wings flapping in her face. A fine turkey stag; I carried it, Jess retrieved it, and three of the guns had fired at it, so it was decided to raffle it, and one of the beaters went home with a splendid Christmas dinner.
    Tomorrow is beater's day - an early start called for and no prisoners to be taken! Then - as I've only just realised - there are only a very few days of shooting left, so don't come looking for me next week.

  • Tuesday 17th January 2012

    January is usually all wildfowl and woodcocks. This year, after a post-Christmas walkabout, I collapsed with flu and and am only now recovering. So, a big part of the season has been lost. I picked up at Llynlloedd on Friday, but even that knocked me about so I guess I'll have to take it easy for the rest of the season. The idea of climbing into full battle gear in order to crawl around the saltings doesn't appeal yet - give me a few days, though.

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