Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • Saturday 25th March 2012

    On Thursday afternoon I escaped to Llyn Clywedog for a couple of hours, tempted by tales of good fishing. With little time to prepare I just took a light rod and floating line and nymphs; a serious mistake as I never saw or touched a fish. It seems that trout are being caught on static boobies but that's not for me so I came home fishless. Nice to be by the water again, but I think I'll leave the stockies alone and wait until the real trout start feeding.
    Yesterday I collected my new FFCL edition of Romilly Fedden's Golden Days from the binders (it looks really good), then had a couple of hours at the angling auction at Ludlow. Although I went without any intention to buy, I still came home with a car full of books.
    Now the sun is shining and it really is time to dig the garden.

  • Tuesday 13th March 2012

    Back from Somerset bearing very little money but with two point-of-lay pullets as a Mother's Day present for Ceri. As usual I got the wrong weekend. Anyway, she won't get a present next weekend 'cos she (and I) will be in Barcelona celebrating Wales winning the Grand Slam. I haven't yet told her that I'll be taking along my mullet-fishing tackle.
    Not great for selling books, but the game fairs are an opportunity to keep in touch with friends, customers and authors - most of whom berate me for not filling this diary with sport. I do my best!

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