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  • Monday 16th April 2012

    After balmy March, frosty April has been a bit of a shock - especially to my tomato plants, one or two of which are looking a little frayed around the edges. Only one sporting excursion recently, when I was summoned by the OFFAs to Lake Vyrnwy. Somewhere in between breakfast, lunch and tea I managed a little fishing. Nothing moved in the margins so I switched to a sinking line, in search of a stockie for my tea. However, even at depth all I caught were native brownies.
    Tomorrow I start out on a three-day drive to Munich with a vanful of flyfishing books. By the time I get back the bass will be on the beaches and sewin in the river - perhaps.

  • Sunday 1st April 2012

    Had just one jaunt in this week of gorgeous weather, taking Luke to look at the hill lakes of Ardudwy. Llyn Tecwyn Uchaf tested the four-wheel-drive capabilities of the Honda, and we stopped to watch rudd and, maybe carp, topping in Tecwyn Isaf. That'll be worth a look later in the year. Then we learned of the beginning of the petrol crisis when we were refused fuel in Harlech. Luckily it wasn't too far to nip over the toll bridge to Penrhyndaudraeth and top up, having a look at the beautiful estuary, Traeth Bach, en route. Back to Llyn Bodlyn, one of my favourite places, where we found bright sunshine, flat calm, gin-clear water and fish dimpling the surface all over the lake. Bodlyn holds the southernmost population of Arctic charr in Britain, but I have not heard of any being caught for over thirty years so I am always looking out for signs of their presence. I'm pretty sure that these dimpling fish, moving around in shoals (and refusing to look at any fly!) must have been charr. The odd trout moved, and we saw shoals of minnows, which I had not previously seen there, but nothing would move to a fly and I was skunked once again. (but I would rather be skunked by wild trout or charr in Bodlyn than stockies in Clywedog, any day). Luke and I bought season permits so we'll have to go back soon; I need to convince him that it can fish well so we'll wait for a soft westerly breeze and the start of the sedges.

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