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  • Friday 13th July 2012

    The CLA Game Fair has been cancelled! That means our three biggest shows of the summer - the CLA, the Falconry Fair and the Scottish Game Fair have all been cancelled - plus the Welsh and Irish fairs almost washed out. I'm going to have plenty of time for fishing but that won't feed the kids. Well, perhaps it will.
    You'll just have to buy more books!
    Last night I thought I'd drown my sorrows in salt water and try for a bass or mullet. Found a strong cold wind blowing in my face and no fish - unless you count the lesser weever that swallowed my expensive Serbian grayling bug. Don't think I'll bother now until it is warm enough to wet-wade. Probably next February.
    I've spent this morning at the computer - think I'll abandon it this afternoon and go and try for a sea-trout.
    Later... That was a good move! The river was running fresh but dead clear - just right for floating line and small flies. I had three up to four pounds and swapped the biggest for a haunch of roe venison on the way home!

  • Wednesday 11th July 2012

    What a year! The Irish Game Fair went ahead despite rotten weather - and, of course, many people chose to stay at home. The ground was good, though, so Luke and I did get out for an evening on the Six Mile Water on Friday; the river was quite lively and we caught plenty of small trout on wet flies. We had time to kill on Monday, so with the river in flood we investigated Craigmore fishery near Randalstown. It is a man-made lake, spring-fed with crystal-clear water, and full of educated trout. Largely catch and release, many of the trout are pretty wise - you watch them stroll over, glance at our pathetic imitations, and carry on their way. We did educate a few more of them, though; Luke by going down to size 22 dry flies, and me by frightening them into grabbing the biggest and ugliest flies I could find.
    Now we have heard that the Falconry Fair, already rescheduled from earlier in the year, has been cancelled. Instead I'll be going along to Mullock's Auction at Ludlow where they are auctioning the tackle collection of Mark Ross, author of The Glory Days of the Giant Scarborough Tunny, who sadly took his own life earlier this year. I had bought the last of his stock so I'll take a few copies along to sell.

  • Thursday 5th July 2012

    The consolation for a cancelled Scottish Game Fair was four days at home and plenty of sea-trout in the river. I've managed three or four short sessions and caught fish every time, either on fly or the spoon. I'd better stop boring you with numbers and weights, but they have averaged over three pounds, with the best being a five-pounder yesterday afternoon. Several have carried net-marks and the smallest sewin looked as though it might have escaped the osprey.
    This morning we leave for the Irish ferry and Shanes Castle where, despite all the recent rain, I am told that the ground is fine. Can't see us getting off-site in the evenings but we have trout-fishing planned for Monday.

  • Sunday 1st July 2012

    A pretty disastrous weekend. We drove to Scone with enough stock for both the Scottish and Irish Game Fairs. It rained throughout the first day, Friday, at at 10pm the organisers announced that the fair was cancelled. Rather than hang around Scotland in the rain for a week I changed my ferry booking, packed everything up yesterday and drove home, arriving at midnight.
    The high point of the weekend was spending the dusk on Thursday evening on Richard Hunter's wee loch where I caught two three-pound-plus fish: an overwintered rainbow and a beautiful wild brownie. Low point (the first of several) was arriving back at the waterlogged site an hour later and reversing into my neighbour's van.

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