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  • Wednesday 29th August 2012

    Back from the Fens. Okay - it does occasionally rain in Quy - and when it does it buckets down! Despite a terrific storm on Saturday the ground stayed firm and we had a good day on Sunday. Luke and I had fun with the pike and perch, and sold (and bought) a few books.
    Once again we came home to a flood in the river and an evening spinning. I found sewin everywhere as well as the odd bigger sea-trout, now getting rather tarnished; I even had a small dark grilse on a Toby. My ego was flattened slightly when I was joined by a fellow angler who then caught two salmon in successive casts, both much more beautiful than mine!
    In this morning's post arrived my Hardy Smuggler flyrod, beautifully and inexpensively repaired repaired by Chris Ward of Hooked On angling. A super job!
    Loading up tomorrow for the Falconry Weekend at Newent.

  • Wednesday 22nd August 2012

    A short dirty flood on Saturday morning prompted me to dig out my spinning rod. There were too many leaves in the water to fish the plug, but a simple spoon fished okay and I had a few sewin before hitting my first salmon of the season, a fresh nine-pounder. Of course I had not bothered taking a landing net and hooked it off a high bank with nowhere nearby to beach it. I managed to hand-tail it at about my sixth attempt - a very unlucky salmon!
    Fired with enthusiasm, I was out with the flyrod before work on Monday and Tuesday mornings. but the water had dropped and nothing stirred.
    Off to the Fens tomorrow - it never rains in Quy!

  • Thursday 16th August 2012

    Should have been bassing off Bardsey today, but too bloody breezy. Never mind, I got a good morning's work done, then had a couple of hours on the river having lots of fun catching small sea-liced sewin. We had another good day with Charlie last week, catching plenty of bream and mackerel ( and a huge cod for Luke!) and I had one short evening session on the estuary catching a nice garfish, a small bass and a few more mackerel. Our only trip to the hills, on Sunday evening, found the lake calm and the fish difficult. A tremendously concentrated rise started at dusk in one small area of the lake, probably to buzzers. Duncan and I had a couple each which we returned, then, when it was quite dark, I hooked a better fish on a big dry sedge. I decided to keep this one and to find out what they had been feeding on, so I landed it, killed it and opened it up. Its stomach was crammed full so I opened it carefully in the light of my small torch, expecting to solve the mystery. The answer - a three-inch mouse, half digested. Lovely!

  • Sunday 5th August 2012

    I'm not still sulking about all the cancelled fairs. Actually I had kept most of July and August free for fishing, but didn't want to bore you too much with the details. I've been to the river pretty often - usually just for an hour at dusk - and have reverted to the five-weight rod that I use for almost all of my trout fishing. The bigger sea-trout seem to have moved upriver, but there has been a good run of smaller sewin the past few days. Some of them are very small but there are enough two-pounders to make it interesting on the small rod. I popped out yesterday afternoon, finding a couple of shoals in broken water and catching half a dozen and keeping just one before I took shelter from a shower that turned into an hour-long thunder storm. A mile from my van, and dressed in shirtsleeves, it wasn't long before the torrential rain had soaked every part of my clothing down to my socks. I tried ignoring the rain but a thunderclap right overhead frightened me back under the tree which only seemed to concentrate the rain into spouts pouring into the top of my waders.
    The only wetting my boats are getting is on the inside as they fill with rainwater. I did, however, manage to get out on a highly successful bream trip with Charlie Bartlett from Aberdyfi - and we are going again tomorrow!

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