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  • Saturday 29th September 2012

    I hate salmon fishing. I think.
    We had a huge flood on Wednesday. On Thursday I spent all morning on the river, spinning. I touched nothing until I was about to leave, then I hooked, and subsequently lost, a big salmon.
    Yesterday it was still big water, but clear. I left the shop at 4.15, cast a fly at 4.30, hooked a salmon at 4.35, and landed it at 4.55. Less than ten pounds but in a strong flow on a single-handed rod it was quite a handful!
    Today I should be working on a new catalogue, but it is such a big job that it is very easy to keep on putting it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday - no fishing on the Dyfi, and rain is forecast. Perhaps I'll start tomorrow.

  • Wednesday 19th September 2012

    It was great to finish the outdoor game fair season on a high note. The weather was perfect for the Midland Game Fair, the ground was firm, and country folk from far and wide came for a day out.
    Today I should have been out on the reef with Charlie, but the wind of the past few days has built up a bit of a sea, so our trip was cancelled. Instead I'll pick up Duncan and Luke and we'll have a day on the lake.
    I'm not finished with shows, though; tomorrow I'll be packing for the Pike Angler's Club conference in Harrogate.

  • Thursday 6th September 2012

    The nights are drawing in. On Monday I tried, unsuccessfully, for a bass in the dusk, then locked my keys in the car and had to watch while the tide came halfway up the wheels before I escaped. Last night I spent the last half hour on the river - it was quiet and very cold so I was surprised when my fly was grabbed by a lovely fresh two-pounder that took in Llyn Bwtri just on dark.
    A nice gentle sporting day today, starting by delivering Roger Woolley flies to Ludlow Bookbinders for the de luxe copies of the forthcoming book. On the way back I stopped for ceps and chantarelles in Ceri Forest before meeting Duncan in Newtown and catching some Severn grayling on dry flies. This evening was a Dyfi & Mawddach Wildfowler's meeting where we agreed to merge with the Dysynni club, then came home with a bootful of woodpigeons that Pete had shot in Shropshire today. Now there is some serious cooking to be done!
    I've just seen photo's of Weston Park taken earlier this week, and all is looking great for the Midland Game Fair.

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