Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Wednesday 24th October 2012

    Sunday's grayling fishing on the upper Wye was delightful: a proper Autumn day for a change. I caught a few on bugs in the morning, then one or two on dry flies when it warmed up. Another angler, fishing really heavy bugs, caught lots, including some good ones. Yesterday I had an early start, sailing out of Liverpool Marina at 7am. Fished hard but couldn't find a Mersey cod, so had to make do with a dozen fat dabs and a sackful of whiting. Today I got my catalogue off to the printer, but I've still got a week of office work to catch up.

  • Thursday 8th November 2012

    Ben and I had our first rough shoot of the season this week - earlier than usual and the leaves on the trees made it harder to get onto the few birds we saw. We finished up with two fine cock pheasants, which pleased farmer Tom, who always enjoys a bird.
    Don't bother trying to phone me between now and the end of the year. Today I'm off to Galway for the Flyfair, next weekend I have a few days of sport (including the delayed first shoot at Llanbrynmair) but have also got to get to Redditch to the tackle fair, then straight off to Belgium for their Fly Happening, then Namibia to hunt for nembwe on the Kunene River, and then it will be Christmas!
    Catalogues will be mailed this weekend so my staff will have something to occupy them while I'm off enjoying myself.

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