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  • Tuesday 18th December 2012

    Back from the desert! Storms in Angola had put the Kunene in a raging flood, so I couldn't do much with my five-weight and nymphs. Total bag was one silver labeo - a mini-mahseer. My aim had been to drive along the Kunene from Ruacana to to Epupa Falls and I managed this, though I wouldn't recommend the hundred miles in first gear, alternating between bone-shaking rocky hills and rather worrying river crossings. No game there - just occasional Himba with their goats and cattle.
    Game aplenty in Etosha, of course, including lots of rhino, both black and white. The western deserts are stunning and, heart in mouth, I returned to drive the Ugab River, once again meeting the desert elephants. Finally I had a look at the peak of the pupping at the Cape Cross seal colony on the cold Atlantic coast. Next day a wheel bearing went and I was rescued just in time for my plane. If that had happened at Epupa I would certainly still be there.
    Home to find my staff inundated with orders for books but I'm afraid I must leave them to it - I'm picking-up at Llynlloed today.

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