Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Monday 14th January 2013

    One tragedy of 2012 was the loss of my wonderful row of celery - killed by frost while I was baking in Africa. I had bought the plants in Holland - or was it France? - after one of the flyfairs in the spring. Fed daily from a brew of chicken manure, the plants were luxuriant; destined to season soups and casseroles throughout the winter - or so I thought. So we are having to buy celeriac and celery instead. I have just eaten a roast woodcock with celeriac mash that almost made up for my loss. It was wonderful!
    January is my shooting month and I have kept the larder pretty full; Jess has lost all her excess weight, but unfortunately I can't say the same for myself! I spent this afternoon on the estuary, reminding myself what hard work it is, trudging for miles in ankle-deep mud. Lots of birds about; teal, wigeon, mallards and canadas, but I failed to make the most of my few opportunities and came home empty-handed.

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