Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Wednesday 21st March 2012

    Barcelona could do with a gamekeeper and a few Larsen traps; even the Botanic Gardens were devoid of wildlife except for magpies, feral cats and feral pigeons. I had a look at the mullet, but left them for the fish restaurants of Barcelonetta; spoots and deep-fried sea-anemones had to be sampled. So - home with a suitcase full of olives and salted pig's feet.
    Today we have yet another forty-foot shipping container being delivered - that makes four. Hopefully it will quickly swallow up a dozen or so of our recent pallets of bargain books and make room for a serious attempt at sorting out hundreds of boxes of second-hand fishing books.

  • Wednesday 6th March 2013

    Well, my van passed its MOT test, and the grayling cooperated nicely. Since then things have gone downhill with my book database misbehaving and the likelihood of having to renew the book database as well as rebuilding this website. What fun!
    I found relief reading the catalogue for the forthcoming Mullocks sale. I'll have to leave a bid for the Skues item that I haven't seen before - Nymph Fishing for Short Stream Trout. I won't be there myself - with any luck I'll be chucking a fly at Baltic sea-trout.
    Before that I'm off to the West Country to try to sell books in a cattle shed.

  • Friday 1st March 2013

    February fill-dyke, eh? Not this year, thank goodness. Two or three weeks without rain means that we can step outside without wellington boots - at last. I have used the opportunity to move the chickens to some fresh clean grass, and to lose two of my three boats, thus reclaiming the paved area where will be able to eat outside all through the coming glorious summer. I have to take the van to Newtown for its M.O.T. today, so I might just take along a grayling rod, just in case. (Leaving instructions for the gardener about which areas of the garden she is to dig first).

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