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  • Tuesday 23rd April 2013

    Taking books to Munich wasn't a great success - except, of course, for the beer, the food and the company. But for books - no. Lots of happy punters browsed my stock before asking whether I had the same books in German, then going off empty-handed. Almost 2000 miles of driving and little to see en route except the occasional hare and roe deer, a few storks and some black kites.
    Website and database problems are still not solved and this is now slowing down our book cataloguing seriously. Nevertheless Luke and Matthew are adding good stuff every day.
    I will return to winter tomorrow when I fly to Alta to try to catch a world record dab. A by-catch of halibut would be welcome, but I'm setting my sights low for a start.

  • Monday 8th April 2013

    I have been neglecting this - sorry! No sport and cold, cold weather, so not much to write about. I took advantage of the never-ending winter to do something about our garden hedge. The house is five hundred years old and the hedge looks as though it has been there at least that long, with thick gnarled trunks and spiky antlers on top - useless to keep stock out. At last I realised that the only answer was to coppice the lot, cutting it down to ground-level, and replanting the gaps. I've added two new species to the existing twelve - field maple and hornbeam - and gone a long way towards solving next winter's wood problem. We've got a great view now, but it's pretty draughty.
    The Danish Fly Festival was fun, but too cold for sea-trout fishing. This week I'm off to the EWF at Munich - not staying at Fawlty Towers this time, but on site at the monastery at Furstenfeld where there will be no reason not to indulge myself with pints (or litres) of the local produce.

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