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  • Friday 3rd May 2013

    Lots of snow; long-tailed ducks and white-tailed sea-eagles; magnificent scenery; locals collecting gulls eggs from remote shores; daylight all night; fierce wolf-fish and good company: fishing the fantastic fjords had its ups and downs. Unfortunately we were rather early, so no feeding frenzies, no coalfish or herring, and most of the fish were still spawning over 100 metres down. We still caught a variety of Arctic fish (from 100 metres down) and had lots of fun - then on our penultimate day in overcast and breezy conditions we caught some better cod, then a smallish halibut, then Tim hooked and brought to the boat a monster halibut. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) it was galvanised by the prick of the gaff, writhed and dived, and smashed everything. Still, it proved that we weren't wasting our time and we sallied forth in great anticipation for our last day - which proved bright and calm and totally unproductive, despite us even trying to fish as deep as 250 metres!
    Now a mad rush to check book proofs and load the van ready for the Falconry Fair this weekend. See you there!

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