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  • Tuesday 18th June 2013

    Well, I'm sorry! That's the longest summertime break ever without a diary entry. I blame the cold Spring, and computers. Both have been bugging me and have pretty-much kept me from the water. Also we have a rather silly publishing schedule this Summer, with two new books being launched this week at the BFFI, and four more in August. That's a lot of proof-reading and publicity to deal with.

    We started the Summer run of game fairs last weekend at "the Welsh" in Carmarthen - so, of course, it rained and blew like October. Highlight of the weekend was being able to pack up early enough to get "sit-down" fish and chips in Aberaeron, topped off with a walk around the harbour and a close encounter with a pair of otters.
    Anyway, despite a book to proof and a very later advertisement to design, I've just spent the evening in the garden with my broody hens and tomato plants. I've got a nice hatch of Welsummers, and another hen on eggs, and we're picking cucumbers and loads of salad, so it's not all bad news.
    The BFFI in Stafford this weekend, then Ireland and Scotland - I'd be surprised if we can't find a little sport along the way. I'll try to keep you posted.

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