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  • Thursday 8th August 2013

    This Saturday is the Great Coch-y-Bonddu Book Launch at the Lands End Inn at Charvil in the deep south of England. Luke and I will be joining authors Maurice Pledger, Michael Nadell, Peter Hayes and Mark Everard for a mammoth book signing (and, I hope, selling) session. We start at midday and if you are still there at 6pm I will be happy to buy you a pint! The following day Mr Hayes is leading us still further into foreign climes, where he hopes to introduce us to some of these super-intelligent chalkstream trout that he writes about. Various other fishy and bookish liaisons will follow before we return, laden with five pound notes and empty book cartons.

  • Saturday 3rd August 2013

    We've just had the first spate of summer and my first casts on the river. Wednesday was a day of rain and a dirty flood. By Thursday morning the river was falling fast and the sun was shining. I had an eventful couple of hours with the spinning rod, moving lots of fish and losing a few, returning some small sewin, and keeping a five-pounder and another a bit smaller. I took the flyrod on Friday morning, but the river was back to low summer level, and the sea-trout weren't giving themselves up. I fished a couple of miles of river, using a team of titchy flies and catching dozens of small sewin and smolts, but apart from losing a good fish on my first cast I didn't see anything big. Luckily I found a shoal on a shady pool tail and winkled out a couple of pound-and-a-halfers.

    My brother Richard has just taken possession of a hovel deep in the Montgomeryshire hills. We are going to find it this afternoon and I had foolishly threatened to supply sashimi, so those two sea-trout saved my bacon.
    What's new on the river? Well, anglers have been complaining about seals, but I didn't see them. I did see a couple of mink - no otters but I saw tracks. The pools seem to be paved with tiny flounders. I think that's new - we always used to see a few, but not the hundreds or thousands of little snacks for baby otters that are there now.

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