Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Thursday 5th September 2013

    My friends are complaining that diary entries have been few of late. More apologies!

    Actually, we have had little rain, and I've been rather tied up with publishing work, so sport has been hard to come by.
    The book-launch at the Lands End was fun and we sold plenty of books before continuing south for some chalk-stream fishing and book-buying. Already heavily loaded, we finished up buying the extensive library of roe deer expert, Richard Prior, and driving home worrying about the van springs.
    I think we've only had one good day of rain in the intervening weeks. The river cleared quickly, but it is Luke's first season on the Dyfi, so we spent a couple of days fishing small flies for sea-trout. We had the river to ourselves, and had lots of fun with small fish, although the big ones eluded us. We've had no water since then, and the sea-trout season is almost at an end. Let's hope for a salmon!
    The Fenland Fair and Quy Water produced its usual jack pike and perch, and I came home with three silkie pullets, purchased from our neighbour, Simon.

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