Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Monday 21st october 2013

    The rain never came until the fishing season was over; now it's pouring down! At least it should keep me indoors to get my catalogue finished. New books - and new "bargain books" - have been flooding in, and we have about ten pallets being delivered this week. I hope the rain stops for that.

    I've had two days picking-up - not enough to get the fat off either me or the dog. We've had nice mixed bags of pheasant, partridge and duck, with a few spare birds to bring home. My gun has only been out once, when we flighted a small pond and had an exiting ten minutes as mallard and a few teal poured in. I was very happy with three mallard and a teal in the bag.
  • Wednesday 2nd October 2013

    Still no rain, and I still don't have a working book database, so frustration reigns. I spent dusk in the rivermouth a few days ago, and covered shoals of tiny mackerel that wouldn't take lure or fly. I'd filled my pockets with field mushrooms on the way downriver, and then got soaked to the skin by the nasty swell.

    Since then I have managed one trip with Charlie - not terribly exciting, though we did scrape a couple of suppers of whiting and mackerel in the end.
    As I'd been at work since 6am today, I knocked off for an hour this afternoon and checked out a few mushroomy spots before the weather changes. I did surprisingly well, and brought home a creel-full of chanterelles, hedgehogs, slippery jacks and a few ceps.

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