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  • Saturday 18th January 2014

    What sport? Well, there has been a little - as an antidote to the frustrations of on-line bookselling. Regular days with the syndicate at Llanbrynmair and picking-up at Llynlloedd have made sure that we have a bit of game in the freezer, and got a bit of weight off Jess. Pity it didn't do the same for me. Both places, like most small shoots around here, have suffered from a shortage of birds. The great crop of acorns and the mild wet winter have led to birds straying and small bags.
    We haven't walked Tom's hill farm often enough, but we have managed to round up one or two birds there, as well as a couple of rabbits and a woodcock or three. By the time I return from my travels the game season will be over, but we might get there again, if only to assemble a squirrel pie.
    I usually wait for the hard weather for wildfowling, but we've had none. I did try a sortie on the Broadwater on the day of the massive tides and storms. Although I was far from the shore, I could see the huge waves breaking over the sea wall and railway, and the distant figures of the track maintenance men walking in front of the train, and occasionally disappearing behind a wall of white water. No duck came my way, but as I sat hunched with my back to the hail and spray, a pair of Canadas suddenly appeared overhead. In my surprise, my first shot missed by yards, but I connected with the second and the goose landed a hundred yards out on the lagoon. Jess caught up with it quickly, but the long swim back against wind and tide had me very worried. After ten minutes swimming with a wing flapping in her face, she made landfall and was no worse for her labour. The goose weighed twelve pounds, and though I thought it would be a tough one, it plucked beautifully clean, so it's in the deep-freeze awaiting an excuse for a feast.
    This last week, aware of the last days of the season ticking away, I've managed to get out three times for a walk with a couple of friends. Each day has seen two or three woodcock in the bag, and an odd pheasant. Jess has worked well and hard - beating briars and gorse like a spaniel. This morning I should have been at Llanbrynmair, but I had already more or less  decided that my full day woodcocking yesterday would be my last and that I must do some work before going away. Then, when I went to the kennel at first light, poor Jess was so stiff that she could hardly walk, and her eyes were sore from working the gorse yesterday, so that made my mind up for me - we have retired for the season.

  • New website news

    First day of the new-look website and, of course, there are teething problems. It looks as though the categories search in a different way to the previous website so, for instance, "All Fishing Books" includes many books which are not about fishing. Hopefully these things should be ironed out tomorrow and all will be working perfectly before I head off for the Fly Fishing Show New Jersey. If you are having any problems with ordering from the new website then please do email us on or call us on 01654 702837.

    Forthcoming events are listed on the "Show Schedule" tab at the bottom left-hand corner of this page.

  • Thursday 16th January 2014

    We've made the new version of the website live, so I've got no excuses for not keeping this up to date. The main reason for changing was to get access to an improved method of searching the site. Let's hope it was all worthwhile! There are still a few things to tidy up - in particular the Flyfisher's Classic Library section on the front page. We still have a separate FFCL website, but I don't think I'll continue with that for more than a few more weeks; it seems silly to duplicate what we have on the anglebooks website.
    Here is a news update taken from the email newsletter I sent out last night. This is the first post I've made, using the new system, so I don't know whether it is going to work. We'll see!

    "We have a very busy month ahead. Luke and I are off the the frozen wastes of New Hampshire in a few days time, en route for The Fly Fishing Show - New Jersey on 24th to 26th January. It will be a great opportunity to meet many of our American customers for the first time, as well as renewing our acquaintance with old friends. We will be sharing our stand with Ken Callahan of Callahan & Company, Peterborough, NH, so if you would like to see any books from either Ken's or our stock, please let us know. We will be taking plenty of copies of Peter Hayes' recent book, Fly Fishing Outside The Box, although Peter, who has just had a hip-replacement operat ion, has been advised not to travel. He is really mad about that! So am I - it was his turn to buy dinner.
    We will certainly have a few copies of Ad Swier's World of Pike Flies with us, and I am pretty sure that we will get some advance copies of Henk van Bork's new book on Salmon Flies in time to bring with us.
    Home from the USA, we will only have a few days to load up for the BFFI  on February 8/9th. Henk and Peter will both be with us on the Coch-y-Bonddu Books stand, signing copies of their books. Although I don't think he will be in attendance, angling historian Tony Hayter is signing some copies of his highly acclaimed new biography,G.E.M. Skues: Man of the Nymph, for us to bring to the BFFI.
    And just a few days after that we'll be off to the Shooting Show at Stoneleigh - three days this year. Unfortunately I will have to unload our stock of flyfishing books and replace them with shooting books. Once again, let me know if you want me to bring any particular books.
    Other news of the forthcoming game fair season - the Falconry Fair (May4/5th) is moving back to its old venue at Newport, Shropshire, and the Welsh Game Fair (June 14/15th) is off to a new site by the sea-side at Pembrey Country Park, Llanelli."

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