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  • Sunday 27th July 2014 - Post-CLA & new smoker!

    What is there to say about the CLA Game Fair? The weather was pretty good; it was a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and take a glass of wine; and it was pretty hopeless for selling books.
    At Scone I bought a new smoker - a great machine for barbecuing and hot-smoking, but I had my doubts about using it as a cold-smoker. However, I had a natter with Smokey Joe at the CLA, and she flogged me a smoke generator. It is just a very neat way of producing a long slow cool smoke from fine sawdust, and it works a treat.
    On Friday we had a wrecking trip out of Aberdyfi - forty miles out! It was a glorious day, and well-covered-up from the sun, we had a good day's fishing, with lots of pollack, some of them well into double figures. Charlie's mate, Dion, apart from being busy all day netting and unhooking fish, spent the whole of the two-hour journey back home filleting several hundred fish. That saved me loads of time, giving me a great pile of clean fillets for smoking.
    An overnight cold-smoke using the new kit gave lots of lovely smokies for cooking; then I fired up some charcoal to give a few of them a blast of heat and produce some ready-to-eat hot-smoked fish.

    New smoker - before... New smoker - before...

    and after... and after...

  • CLA Game Fair 2014, Blenheim Palace


    Coch-y-Bonddu Books at the CLA Game Fair, Blenheim Palace
    Paul is currently loading up the vans (both of
    them) and trailer with as many new, second-hand and bargain books as
    will fit, in preparation for the
    CLA Game Fair
    at Blenheim Palace this weekend, the 18th, 19th and
    20th of July. We will have the widest range of sporting books available
    covering all subjects such as fishing, game shooting, deer stalking,
    foxing, big game hunting, sporting guns, falconry, working dogs, natural
    history and game cookery. Come and find us at stand number K0467
    - between Fisherman's Row and Gunmaker's Row.

    On Saturday at midday we have a gathering of angling authors on our stand,
    signing copies of their books and answering questions. Come along to have a chat and
    pick up your signed copy! All of these will be visiting, though
    hopefully not all at exactly the same time: Peter Hayes, Dominic Garnett,
    Mark Everard, Theo Pike, Chris McCully, Charles Jardine, Malcolm Greenhalgh
    and Neville Fickling. Some of these
    will be around throughout the weekend, and all will also be taking part
    in forums and discussions in the House of Fishing.

    A few new

    Fishing in Grayling Paradise

    By Karel Krivanec

    Tales of flyfishing for grayling, and the
    occasional trout, on the Vltava River in the Czech Republic by Karel
    Krivanec, author of

    Czech Nymph

    Only 500 copies of this first English language
    edition have been printed.

    Mint new paperback. £14.95

    In the Shooting Field

    By David Barrington Barnes

    A well written and readable book of
    David Barrington Barnes' shooting reminiscences. A lifetime of sport
    with rabbits, grouse, duck, geese, woodcock, pheasant, deer and more
    from the author of
    On the Deer

    Mint new hardback. £19.95

    John Symonds book signing on Friday

    John Symonds, author of Flycasting
    Skills and the just published, How to Fly Fish, will be on our stand on
    Friday. We will have plenty of copies of both of his books with us so
    come along to meet the author and pick up your signed copy.

    Mint new hardbacks. £9.99 each.

    New sporting books from Peter Carr
    Peter Carr, author of the widely acclaimed and best

    British Deer Stalking Bible
    , has recently written and compiled
    several new books on sporting rifles, foxing, deer stalking and other UK
    sporting pursuits. We will have all of them with us this weekend at the CLA.
    If you can't make it to the CLA, all of these books can be ordered
    through our website by following the relevant links below or you can give us a call on 01654 702837.

    Sporting Rifles

    A guide to modern firearms

    By Peter Carr

    An up-to-date book comprising a
    collection of modern sporting rifles available to the rifleman, from
    rimfires right through to big game calibres. From the traditional to the
    very recent, every type of rifle and major manufacturer is covered, with
    historical information, respected rifle reviewers. This is a
    comprehensive book, lavishly illustrated with full colour photographs,
    and is as close to the definitive guide to sporting rifles as you are
    ever going to get.

    Mint new hardback. £24.95

    Sport in Wildest Britain

    By Hesketh Prichard and Peter Carr

    A new edition of Major Hesketh
    Prichard's classic work on UK field sports. Added to this edition is a
    modern perspective on wild sport available in Britain today written by
    sporting author Peter Carr. Both authors take the reader to the wildest
    of foreshores and the remotest of highland landscapes, pitting
    themselves against nature in all her majesty, in the honest pursuit of
    the purest of sport: wild game in wild lands.

    Mint new hardback. £29.95

    Foxing with the Experts

    By Peter Carr

    All today’s top writers in this
    specialised branch of rifle shooting have shared their tips and tricks
    to put more foxes into the bag in the pages of this book. Foxing legends
    such as Mike Powell, Robert Bucknell, Howard Heywood and the Warrener
    reveal all. Pete Carr has selected a number of the successes and
    failures that best illustrate the craft - some of the best foxing
    scribes' most popular stories are included here in one complete volume.

    Mint new hardback. £22.95

    Roe Stalking with the Experts

    By Peter Carr

    Roe Stalking with the Experts is a
    definitive collection of knowledge and stories relating to the UK's
    native roe deer, its habits, and how to successfully and ethically stalk
    it. Some of the UK's foremost deer experts are called on to provide
    their wisdom, and the book also contains examples of the best roe heads
    shot in Britain, courtesy of the BASC trophy measuring service.

    Mint new hardback. £19.95

    And a selection of bargains
    We will have plenty of bargain books on offer at
    the CLA. Listed below are just a small selection. These are all, of
    course, also available to order through our website.
    Click here to
    see the full range.

    Wet-Fly Tying and Fishing
    By Roger FoggRoger Fogg's excellent book on
    tying and fishing the wet fly including much on North Country flies. Now
    available at a great price!
    Was £25.00.

    Now only £9.95!

    We also have a few second-hand copies of Fogg's
    sought-after title,

    The Art of the Wet Fly

    Fly-Fishing in Ireland
    By Thomas J. HannaTommy Hanna's Fly Fishing
    in Ireland is one of the classics of Irish fly-tying and fishing. We
    have just purchased from the publisher the final few copies of this new
    high quality limited edition and can offer it, for a limited time, at a
    very discounted price.
    Was £30.00.

    Now only £9.95!

    We also have one or two copies left of the
    handsomely produced
    de luxe
    leather-bound edition

    Was £135.00Now only £50.00! Was £100.00Now only £50.00! Was £25.00Now only £12.95! Was £35.00Now only £9.95!

    Was £25.00Now only £9.95! Was £25.00Now only £9.95! Was £25.00Now only £12.95! Was £16.95Now only £7.95!


  • Tuesday 8th July 2014 - Four dollaghan and a pine marten

    Our Celtic voyages were delightful and a great success (unless you count the part where we tried to sell books to the mean old Scots). High point was fishing the River Maine in Antrim, where despite low-water conditions we had a splendid day's sport, catching many trout (including a few of the fabled dollaghan), as well a smattering of roach and perch. As we crossed the bridge to leave  the river we were met by a pine marten - the first I've ever seen in the wild. (Despite many rumours, I don't believe a live pine marten has been confirmed in Wales since the 1950s).

    The bridge of the marten The bridge of the marten

    In Scotland, apart from being rained off Loch Tay one afternoon, the weather continued fair and the company was excellent. We visited friends to buy, or discuss, books each evening - along with the inevitable feasting and drinking. The Scottish Fair, despite wonderful conditions, failed to bring the stalkers and gillies down from the hills - I expect they were all watching the weather forecast on their computers.

    Two roach on one cast
    Two roach on one cast

    Antrim pine marten

    Tyre showing some wear Tyre showing slight wear

    Minor trauma on the M6 at 0130hrs on Monday. Time for a sleep before Harold's of Penrith had us back on the road by 0815. Great service!
    Then met David Grayling in Shap to empty the last of his bookshelves.

    Goldfinches and long-tailed tits in the garden this evening - who needs pine martens?

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