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  • Country Cookbook - a real bargain!

    A real bargain

    Countrywise Country Cookbook by Mike Robinson is now only £3.95!

    A saving of over 80%!

    Countrywise Country Cookbook by Mike Robinson - now only £3.95.Countrywise Kitchen proved one of the most popular food series of 2010, with viewing figures regularly hitting over 4 million when it aired on ITV1 primetime. Now, for the first time, its co-presenter and chef Mike Robinson brings you the best recipes of the 2010 and 2011 series – plus dishes from its sister show Countrywise, which is now entering its third series. There are lots of recipes for cooking with country ingredients, from partridge to chicken, lamb to pork, salmon to mackerel, blackberries to plums. Stews, roasts and soups sit alongside cakes, puddings and jams in this accessible cookbook that celebrates the best of British ingredients in dishes that herald from far and wide – from a roast shoulder of pork to a Thai noodle soup. All the recipes are simple to prepare and even those with the most surprising flavours are created from everyday ingredients that can be bought from the supermarket. Packed with information on selecting the best ingredients, eating seasonally and foraging, this book is an invaluable source of information as well as a delicious collection of recipes.

    Chapters include:-

    Meat - roasting, skewers of beef, oxtail suet pudding, Scotch eggs, and lots more.

    Deer - roast venison, pave of venison, mulligatawny, potted meat, and lots more.

    Rabbit and hare - hare ragu, rabbit and prune faggots, rabbit pie, and lots more.

    Birds - pot roasted quail, pheasant stroganoff, pheasant Kiev, casserole, roast woodcock, roast goose, woodpigeon, chicken, Aylesbury duck, teal, and lots more.

    Sea fish - monkfish, Cornish chowder, roast hake, grilled mackerel, soused mackerel, bass, Dover sole, sardines, crab, cockles, lobster, oysters, and lots more.

    River fish - salmon, cured salmon, poached sea trout, brown trout, crayfish soup, smoked eel soup, and lots more.

    Cheese and milk - rarebit, goat's cheese, baked Waterloo or Camembert, stilton mousse, winter reblochon pasties, and lots more.

    Mushrooms - salads, devilled mushrooms, baked mushrooms, omelette, and lots more.

    Vegetables - asparagus and cheese tart, creamed spinach with parmesan, watercress soup, risotto, chilled courgette soup, pea and broad bean mash, fried potatoes, linguine, cauliflower croquettes, ratatouille, and lots more.

    Puddings - Scotch pancakes, rhubarb rice pudding, summer pudding and sloe-gin roll, cherry clafoutis, sticky stem giner and walnut cake, chocolate brandy cake, and lots more.

    Bread, preserves and basics - focaccia, soda bread, tarragon and basil butter for fish, infallible vinaigrette, apple and pear chutney and lots more.

    A great book heaving with some very tasty looking recipes and now available at a superb price! This large full colour hardback also makes for a great gift. Highly recommended.

  • Wednesday 13th August 2014 - Pickling time and a few sea-trout.

    August sea-trout - losing its bloom. August sea-trout - losing its bloom.

    Despite threats of serious rain, it still hasn't come - just brief showers that have taken a week to start to move the scum of algae that has lined the river-bed these past rain-free weeks. The slight freshening of the river has been enough to get me out for a few hours this week, but most of the bigger fish have now pushed through. I've had a couple of lumps like the four-pounder pictured here, but the lower river is stuffed with sea-liced half-pounders. I caught this one on my second cast yesterday afternoon, and then fished for another two hours in a gale of wind, but only caught undersized sewin. This one, and pretty-well all of the sewin, all took the dropper, a little teal-and-red that I must have tied thirty years ago. It's my last one and I don't suppose I'll ever tie any more.

    Dyfi sea-trout on a Teal-and-Red - or is it a Peter Ross? Dyfi sea-trout on a Teal-and-Red - or is it a Peter Ross?

    We've got weddings the next two weekends - unfortunately they are 10,000 miles apart so I can't just leave my tidy clothes on a hanger for the week. On the plus side, the second wedding is going to involve a long drive down the east coast of Australia with stops at every river and estuary in search of crocs and barramundi.  Of course August is peak cropping season, so we have been furiously pickling and preserving beans, cucumbers and tomatoes as well as thinning out my teenage Welsummer cockerels.

    Pheasant poults settling into their new home Pheasant poults settling into their new home

    Our pheasant poults arrived before the rain came, and so far they are managing to keep dry in the good cover in the release pens. Let's hope they can survive the onslaught of tooth and talon that awaits them.

    Incidentally, these words and pictures may appear to be arranged rather strangely. They are - but I have absolutely no idea how to do anything about it. I type it out, push a button, and am as surprised as you at the order in which it appears.

  • At the Water's Edge with Martin James - Bargain price!

    At the Water's Edge by Martin James - Now only £7.95 from Coch-y-Bonddu Books

    At the Water's Edge
    With Martin James

    From tiddlers to tarpon, from the Avon to the Amazon, Martin James's latest book takes the reader on an exciting angling and travel experience to vastly different destinations. Feel the heat of the Caribbean sun on your back and the sand between your toes as you accompany Martin on a bone-fishing expedition. Shiver on the bank of the River Ribble as you fish for barbel in the early morning mist. Martin James's latest book is about more than just fishing: it is a travelogue, a country file, a biography and a lot more, and there is a section entitled 'Miscellany' in which a fascinating range of topics are covered. Martin has achieved so much in his life despite being an MS sufferer from the age of forty, and a diabetic. His first book 'Up Against It' covered his struggle to be a 'normal' angler; this new book is much more than a sequel. Martin's life has touched many people and his charity work has helped the lot of others. He has rightfully earned the recognition of his peers in the angling world.

    At the Water's Edge with Martin James is dedicated to those two great anglers: Richard Stuart Walker and Bernard Venables. The book, which is printed on high quality, semi-glossy paper, is illustrated in the text with pictures capturing events and scenes that Martin and the various contributors have written about, including black and white images from the 1960s and 70s of the mysterious Redmire Pool, where Richard Walker caught his then record 44lb carp. There are invited contributions from Gary Newman, Len Arbery, Trevor Bross, Mick Holgate, Martin Salisbury, Phil Chun, Will Carter and Scott Richmond.

    We have recently purchased a large stock of this fine book and can now offer it at less than half the original price.

    Mint new hardback in dust-wrapper. Was £25.00. Now only £7.95!

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