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  • Sunday 14th December 2014

    After missing the first two days of the season on our syndicate shoot in Llanbrynmair, I eventually got out on the third shoot. After swearing that I was not going to ruin Rico by taking him on a driven shoot, and particularly beating in thick cover, I relented and took him. We started well, with him sitting steady at a peg while I shot a high cock pheasant that fell two hundred yards behind us. After the drive I we went back and picked the bird after a hunt along a stream bed. An hour later, as I was crossing a fence on a steep riverbank, I toppled backwards from the top of the fence, landing on my back across a tree root, and cracking a rib. I carried on for the rest of the day, but two days later I was laid up, immobile. So, I missed yet another shoot last Saturday, and Rico has gone unexercised for two weeks.
    Yesterday I ventured out for part of the day, carrying my gun on the other (level) bank of the river. It was a glorious morning, and although we were far back behind the guns, one or two pheasants came high over the river, and I dropped one into the flood. This time it was marked by Rico, who raced through the rapids and luckily caught up with it before it was completely waterlogged. Later we stood at a peg and put another three in the bag. These, too, were crossing the river, but I left them until they were well clear of the water before shooting, and Rico marked, and subsequently retrieved, all three. While the other guns tucked into their lunch, we headed home, aching but well satisfied.
    I am very pleased with the silkies I hatched in the summer. I bought a sitting of eggs off the Internet, and successfully brought off seven chicks. Six of them proved to be pullets, and they have thriven and all are now in full lay. They must have been from a good strain because they are all laying well - pretty good as I wasn't expecting anything from them until the Spring. Unfortunately the weather is deteriorating and as they are on grass I can't see them laying through the Winter. There is nothing more miserable than a wet silkie, so I keep moving them onto fresh ground - I'll have to find a way of getting them under cover.

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