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  • Tuesday 28th April 2015 - Cool Spring

    My new van took me to Scandinavia and back without mishap. The Danish Fly Festival was terrific as usual - good company, good food and good book sales and purchases. Everyone told me how good the sea-trout fishing has been this year so I was keenly anticipating a few days on the water after the show. Unfortunately the weather changed as the show finished and cold winds drove the sea-trout offshore, and I probably had the worst three days of the Spring for my fishing.
    Abandoning the shore, I drove back through Germany to the Netherlands (where, of course, the sun was shining), and to the Pike and Fly show at Dronten. It was pretty low-key but I sold enough books to make space for a trolley-full of olives, wine and cheese from the Calais supermarché.
    Before leaving home, immediately after Easter, I had prepared and sown the greenhouse beds, and planted much of the garden, as well as setting a couple of broody hens on clutches of eggs. On my return the beds were green with growing salad crops, and tomatoes and cucumbers were ready for planting - and this morning there is a hatch of silkie chicks to rehouse. The other setting, of Welsummers, has only produced one chick, so I've popped that one under the hen with the silkie chicks.

  • On the road again

    Paul is currently on the road making his way to Denmark. The van is packed full of just about as many flyfishing and flytying books as it will take but he managed to find enough space to take along his sea trout tackle too!

    Meanwhile, back at the shop, new books are arriving with us every day. Flyfisher's Chronicle by Neil Patterson is selling fast. Our first few copies all have a signed and inscribed bookplate on the front end-paper. We don't have too many of these left now so if you are after a signed copy I would recommend placing your order sooner rather than later! Another excellent book that has just arrived in stock is the long-awaited new paperback edition of Understanding the Bird of Prey by Nick Fox. It is probably the most comprehensive gathering of data on birds of prey ever assembled. The book covers the biology of birds of prey, their captive management, breeding, training and rehabilitation. Essential reading if you are even slightly serious about birds of prey, for any purpose whatsoever.

    While Paul's away Luke and Matthew will continue adding new books to the website everyday. Keep an eye on the Newest Listings section of the website to keep yourself informed of the latest additions of new and second-hand books to our stock.

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