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  • Tuesday 19th May 2015 - another fishy week & the decline of the Game Fair

    At the risk of boring you all, I'm going to add a picture of the fish I caught this morning - it was so beautiful! And a couple of pounds heavier than the previous one!

    Dyfi sea-trout - 9lb 8oz Dyfi sea-trout - 9lb 8oz

    I think I am starting to get the balance right: one hour at the office, one hour on the river, and one hour in the garden. Then lunch - then start again.

    Actually the fish were the winners last week. Luke and I took a day off on Wednesday and had a look at the Talybont lakes. The wind dropped away to a very light easterly and the lakes were almost flat calm. Fish were rising to something invisible on Llyn Penrhaeadr and Conach, and were almost impossible to catch. Luke's single fly approach fooled a handful, but I was completely skunked!

    I've just been looking at my diary for the coming weeks. Unfortunately we will not be having a stand at the Scottish Game Fair this year. Sales continue to fall as costs rise, and the fair organisers, while bemoaning the deterioration of Fisherman's Row, refuse to make any allowances for high quality trade stands, many of whom travel hundreds of miles to be there. So, most of the serious angling trade stands have, like ourselves, reluctantly decided that we can't afford to subsidise them any more. We will be at the CLA Game Fair this year, but it is very likely to be for the last time. Apparently organisations like the Salmon & Trout Association and the National Gamekeepers Association will not be there because of the cost of taking a stand. The short-sighted CLA, in excluding these important countryside organisations, are excluding the very people who made the event a success in the past (many of them my customers!), causing further decline in my business, and hastening their own inevitable demise.

    Incidentally, the first year that I did a number of game fairs was 1991, so this is my 25th year of them. The first Falconry Fair was that year, and we have attended every one since. This year our takings were exactly the same as they were in 1991!

    Later that day...
    I'm not going to keep on adding pictures of fish as I catch them, but I'd better finish the story. I went out for an hour after dinner and caught these two - another nine and a seven.

    Sea-trout - nine and seven pounds. Sea-trout - nine and seven pounds.

  • Tuesday 12th May 2015 - A fishy week

    Things are looking up! There are sea-trout in the river, John-the-Rock is catching bass and the hill lakes are waking up. No more proper sea-trout, but I did catch a fish of a pound and a half that shouldn't have been in the river at this time of year. The solution was in its belly - it was full of food - leatherjackets and all kinds of terrestrial grubs that had come down with the flood. A fresh sewin would not have been feeding at all, so this was a silver slob or estuary trout.
    Next afternoon I popped up to Llanbrynmair to pay for my season-ticket and have a look at the lakes. Nothing had been caught at Llyn Gwyddior so far this season, so I almost didn't bother. Good job I did, though. The fish weren't at the surface, but they were taking well just below and I had four good trout, including an eighteen-incher - the biggest I've ever caught there. I caught a few tiddlers as well, so these big fellows haven't eaten them all.

    A brace of Gwyddior trout - 2lb 6oz & 1lb 10oz A brace of Gwyddior trout - 2lb 6oz & 1lb 10oz

    Now, where will I fish tomorrow?

  • Saturday 9th May 2015 - A May sea-trout - again!

    I dropped on a nice sea-trout this afternoon - my earliest yet,  though looking back through this diary I find that last year I caught one exactly the same weight just four days later. Seven-and-a-half pounds and fresh off the tide, it ran about seventy yards downriver before I could turn it.

    fresh-run 7.5 lb Dyfi sea-trout fresh-run 7.5 lb Dyfi sea-trout

    sea-louse sea-louse

    Cuckoos were a-cuckooing, kingfishers and sand-martins busy at their excavations, mallards and canada geese everywhere and I picked a bagful of ramsons leaves to make a sauce for the sea-trout.


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