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  • Wednesday 11th November 2015 - Plugs and spinnerbaits

    I'm getting complaints that I don't keep this up-to-date. Sorry!  October was such a great month that I spent every free moment outside. Now the weather has broken and the evenings are dark I will be less likely to begrudge time spent at the computer.
    The drought continued almost to the present, so I left the rivers and lakes for the shore, where the settled weather was great for leaping around the rocks with rod and creel.
    Mackerel were so abundant that I used my largest floating lures to try to avoid hooking them, resulting in explosive takes from bass, often right among the rocks at the water's edge. I didn't catch any monsters, or huge numbers, but several of my occasional trips yielded one or two fat three-pounders.
    A visit to Cambridgeshire to meet various authors and publishers filled the van to the roof with well over 2000 books. Luckily I found room to take a light spinning rod and pinched a couple of hours on a small Fenland river. Using the smallest spinnerbaits that I could find on my last visit to Bass Pro Shops, I landed about twenty small pike and half a dozen nice perch. It was lively and exciting, comparable in interest with any fishing I have had anywhere around the world. The fish were perfect and unmarked, and, as with my Welsh rock fishing, I had the water to myself. I'm not complaining, but where are the other anglers? Fishing for stocked trout and carp?

    Fenland jack 1 Fenland jack 1

    Fenland perch 2 Fenland perch 2

    Fenland jack 2 Fenland jack 2

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