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  • Sunday 13th December 2015 - Must get out more!

    November was filled with a succession of relatively small flyfishing fairs. They took up a lot of my time and, as usual, I missed the first couple of days on the pheasant shoot. None of the fairs were especially successful so maybe I should rethink how I spend my time next year.
    Back at the office I was busy getting my annual catalogue printed and mailed, and making sure that we had good stocks of lots of unusual and interesting books for our customers. As well as that I have been working on my latest publishing project - a series of Angling Monographs, relatively small specialist books on tight subjects within angling, especially bibliography and the history of flies and fly-tying; it is great fun to work on subjects which I enjoy. The challenge I am facing is to produce a high quality and attractive series while not being able to make the savings enabled by printing large numbers. Some of these are going to have a very small (but select!) readership, and I am limiting the print-runs of all of them to 250 copies. The first four books in the series are well under way and will be launched at the BFFI in Stafford in February.
    Fairs out of the way, I dug Rico out of his state of suspended animation and got out to do some beating and picking-up. Of course that was the signal for the heavens to open - and it hasn't stopped since. (We haven't been flooded yet, though it was up to the door-step last night). We have had some soakings on shooting days but it generally hasn't stopped us enjoying some great sport in beautiful surroundings.
    This week, with a group of friends, I had a small driven day high up in the hills of mid-Wales. The rain stopped and we stood in sunshine as pheasants flew high above us. There were wild turkeys in the woods with the pheasants, and the keeper said that if anyone had a sporting opportunity to shoot one, that was OK, but the gun would have to pay a £30 fine to be given to the Air-Ambulance charity. I reckoned £30 was a bargain for a Christmas dinner so when the only turkey of the day to fly over the guns came over me it paid the penalty! A nice male - not huge - twelve and a half pounds - but I'm sure it will eat well.
    Then yesterday I was back to beating above the estuary in the pouring rain!

    Angling Monograph No. 2. Angling Monograph No. 2.

    Welsh bookseller goes Christmas shopping. Welsh bookseller goes Christmas shopping.

    Back to the rain! Back to the rain!

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