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  • Tuesday 28th June 2016 - Game Fairs, politics & turbot

    The drought is over! Over the last two weekends I have attended the Welsh and Northern Ireland game fairs, and both suffered from poor attendance and bad weather. Tomorrow morning I'm off to the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace, and the weather forecast is pretty grim again. (Incidentally I've just heard that the Welsh Government have appointed a UKIP MP as chair of the climate change committee. UKIP deny the existence of man-influenced climate change. Great choice.) Sea-trout must be running now, but I'm not going to have a chance to chase them until I return from Scone.
    Last weekend wasn't improved by the news of the referendum result. I've never mentioned politics here, but just for the record I regard Coch-y-Bonddu Books as internationalist, and in particular European (as well as Welsh), and I applaud the conservation and social measures achieved through European cooperation in recent years. I was shocked by the result.

    Cornish Arms turbot Cornish Arms turbot

    The three doves are now two. We've had one or two visiting racing pigeons, so whether the lonely spinster went off with one of them, or whether the sparrowhawk took her, I don't know.
    The proposed UK Game Fair at Stoneleigh has been cancelled, and an arrangement has been made with the organisers of the Ragley fair to take their trade stands and honour tickets bought for Stoneleigh. It all sounds dodgy to me, but no surprise there. At any rate, the Ragley Game Fair should now be well-attended, with plenty of good trade stands. If it is not a great deal better than the last one at Harewood (organised by the same people) then it will probably be the last. We will be making a big effort, with two stands, one on Gamekeeper's Row and one in the Fisherman's Village, and are have a number of book launches on our stands.
    Highlight of the Welsh Game Fair was supper at the Cornish Arms in Burry Port. After a plateful of crispy cockles I ordered a whole turbot, and this is what I got... It would have fed the Morgans for a week.

  • Monday 6th June 2016 - Flaming June

    Thunderstorms at the Dutch Flyfair, floods in Paris, but drought and hot sun here in Machynlleth. The doves seemed settled so I removed the net after just a week. They promptly headed south at a great height and I thought they were gone for good. After being away all day they returned in the evening and have hardly left the garden since. It's a shame I got three - there is always an odd one out!
    I made my first trip to Llyn Gwyddior last night, thinking the sedges might be on after such a hot day. The rise usually occurs about 10.30pm, but not last night. I think the prevailing westerlies usually blow the big caddis flies from the horsetail beds along the lake, but the easterly last night blew them ashore instead. Despite that I managed one nice trout of just over two pounds.
    Breakfasted this morning on the first strawberries of the year from the greenhouse. Everything is growing like crazy right now - lettuce three times a day!

    Free-range doves at Coedcae Free-range doves at Coedcae

    Two's company... Two's company...

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