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  • Monday 25th July 2016 - Goshawks & Game Fairs

    Came home yesterday to find this gos sitting on one of my silkie hens. Somehow she had squeezed through a small gap in the roof of the pen. I may regret letting her go - this morning she was jumping all over Jack's cage and didn't fly off until I chased her. No hens outside now - they're all terrified. I guess we now know what happened to the doves.
    No fishing - we've been busy preparing for the Game Fair in Ragley, and entertaining Bethan and Dewi who are visiting from France. Today Ken arrives from the US, I collect the hire-van from Aberystwyth, and I can start loading up for the fair.

    Goshawk kills silkie hen Goshawk kills silkie hen

  • Saturday 16th July 2016 - sea-trout time

    On my way home from Scone I picked up a collection of angling books that included a seven-weight Sage flyrod. We've had heavy water this week so I tried it out on the river on Wednesday afternoon; as I sat on a high bank to tie on a fly, then flicked my flies out, preparatory to standing up and casting, a sea-trout took under the rod tip. No landing net so I hand-tailed it 100 yards downstream. So the rod caught a sea-trout before I'd even cast it! An hour later this nice five-pounder grabbed the #14 copper spider on the dropper. Again off a high bank and I had to tail it 80 yards below. Must start carrying a net! I found the rod pretty stiff, but it cast my WF8 line brilliantly and will be getting a lot of work on the river.
    There are not nearly as many sea-trout around as there were last year, but there are pockets of them spread through the river. We've had a lot of rain this week and I've managed a fish or two most days - largest over ten pounds, and several fat four- and five-pounders. It is still raining, so it looks as though I'll be able to enjoy another week of good water before we go off to the Game Fair at Ragley.

    July sea-trout July sea-trout

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