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  • Thursday 1st September 2016 - Harvest time

    No sport of note during this busy time. The sea-trout season is almost at an end and the river is full of very small sewin (or finnock, or herling). I had an hour at dusk a couple of days ago, catching a few, but more interested in the seven flocks of Canada geese that went over well within gunshot. Perhaps that's where I should be this evening.
    I have very mixed feelings about the Game Fair. I was stricken by a bug and spent the entire time feeling rotten and watching while my admirable staff did all the work. Our stand in the fishing area, isolated from the rest of the fair, was a waste of time. There was a reasonable footfall at the shooting stand, but I've already talked to the organisers about next year and they are demanding more for stand rent that we took this year, so the 2016 Game Fair might well have been our last.
    Luke and I have just returned from the Irish Game Fair in Birr - a very different kettle of fishing books. We were flat-out all weekend, mostly selling inexpensive books, but it felt good to be busy, and to travel home without the van being overweight!
    August is tomato time - actually it is a very short season; we usually have plenty in time for the Game Fair at the end of July, and now, at the end of August, the main crops are already coming to an end. It's been a poor summer and my later plants were afflicted by blight, so I'm not sure how I can extend the season in future. I grew about a dozen varieties this year, but two were outstanding for taste - Black Opal and White Rabbit. I won't bother with some of the others next year - just those two, plus Shirley and Gardener's Delight.
    We've had several sea-fishing trips cancelled because of the weather, just managing one wrecking trip and one for bream. Almost no mackerel yet, but I hope to rectify that this morning as my staff and I leave for a half-day mackerel and bream trip in a few minutes...

    Spot the white rabbit. Spot the white rabbit.

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