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  • Saturday 22nd October 2016 - Not more mackerel!

    aberdyfi-mackerel Mackerel and whitebait from Aberdyfi quay

    I was unduly pessimistic about the tomatoes. Some plants were stricken by blight in August but most of them survived and continued to crop, though they are coming to an end now.
    Once the inshore water cleared, and the sea flattened with a steady east wind, the baitfish and mackerel moved into the beaches and the whole of Cardigan Bay had an unprecedented harvest. I only managed one short evening, but very quickly collected a bucketful of mackerel, sprats, whitebait, and even a couple of smelts. After catching a lot of mackerel very quickly on feathers, I changed to a floating plug. This was great fun in the clear water as whole shoals of fish could be seen following the lure, throwing themselves out of the water, until eventually, on almost every cast, one took hold.

    Aberystwyth sprats Aberystwyth sprats

    I have been away at shows most weekends, and this continues right up to the end of November. Penrith Flyfest and Uttoxter Flyfair have just gone, and Galway and the Belgian Fly Happening are to come. Next weekend will be fun - Steve Skuce's new book, Grayling Flies, is due to be delivered directly from the printers to the Winchester venue of the Grayling Society annual conference. If all goes well I will be able to celebrate with a day's chalkstream grayling fishing on the Sunday.
    I sent my catalogue to the printers yesterday, and the wind is back in the east so, in between shows, I might even try for a bass.


    The staff fishing trip was a great success - there were plenty of mackerel and bream so everyone had fish to take home. Since then I have been busy working on publishing projects and my catalogue so I have not been out very much. The inshore fishing has been quiet with 2016-10-06-18-21-24turbid water conditions, and the usual flocks of birds, indicating the presence of baitfish, have not been present. However we have settled into a period of easterlies so a couple of days ago I took advantage of a flat sea to go for a cast at dusk. Despite the absence of birds there were fish about and I caught a few joey mackerel and a couple of reasonable bass, including a nice one to take home - my first of the year. It's a good job I took two bags - I filled one with horse mushrooms and parasol mushrooms on the way to the shore, and the other with the bass and a mackerel. Supper was assured!

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