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  • Saturday 24th November 2018 - The Angler's Bookshelf

    No 4 in The Angler's Bookshelf series in December Trout & Salmon magazine - Alfred Courtney Williams.

    The Angler's Bookshelf No 4 - Alfred Courtney Williams

  • Saturday 3rd November - time for some sport

    After weeks of working on my catalogue I am planning to get away from my desk more from now on. Today was our first day at the pheasants in Llanbrynmair, and a splendid day it was! The weather held fine and we have a great stock of birds - everyone shot well and we had a fine bag.
    I finished the day by taking some corn to a small flight pond that I have discovered. An odd mixture of woodcock and bats were flying around as I arrived in the dusk, but I left both in peace, instead bagging a rabbit. I don't get many bunnies and was pleased when my snap-shot at its bobbing scut bowled it over. Then I waited to see if anything was visiting the pond and was rewarded with a brace of mallards. Rico had a lot of work this morning so I'm glad his rabbit and the ducks off the pond in the darkness were straightforward retrieves. He's sustained a few cuts and bruises today, but will have a week to recover before our next day out.
    I'm off to the Fly Fair in Galway next weekend, but after that I hope to be either be shooting or picking up several times as week - and then I need to go grayling fishing!

  • Newsletter 1st November 2018

    Coch-y-Bonddu Books Autumn Newsletter

    Paul is just putting the finishing touches to our annual catalogue before heading off to the Irish Fly Fair in Galway on 10/11th November. By the time he gets home you should be seeing the catalogue popping through the letterbox. In the meantime here are a few of the great books that have been turning up in the last few weeks.

    Tales of the Big Game Hunters

    Incidents from an Elephant Hunter's Diary
    by W.D.M. Bell

    A brand new compilation of Karamojo Bell's short stories, all previously unpublished. Once again the legendary Karamojo Bell marches through the wilds of Africa - traversing a land virtually untouched by modern civilization in search of adventure and ivory.

    Mint new hardback in dust-wrapper. £35.00

    £35.00 £35.00 £35.00 £50.00

    Last Horizons
    Hunting, Shooting and Fishing on Five Continents

    by Peter Hathaway Capstick

    A good selection of Capstick's otherwise unobtainable magazine articles. From adventures with Cape Buffalo and lions to bow-fishing in Brazil. An excellent book now available at a great price.

    Mint new hardback in dust-wrapper. Previous price £19.95.
    Now only £9.95!

    Was £25.00
    Now only £9.95!
    Was £25.00
    Now only £19.95!
    Was £29.95
    Now only £19.95!
    Was £50.00
    Now only £25.00!
    UK Game Shooting, working dogs and other field sports
    The Pigeon Shooter's Diary
    by Tom Payne

    Tom Payne commences his Pigeon Shooter's Diary commences descriptions of the quarry species, equipment and accessories followed by an in-depth guide to fieldcraft, reconnaissance and shooting instruction. The Diary runs through the calendar year detailing the different techniques and skills needed for the changing conditions, all topped off with personal observations and special days in the field.

    Mint new hardback in dust-wrapper. Previous price £20.00.
    Now only £7.95!

    BASC Handbooks:
    Pest and Predator Control

    This comprehensive and practical book provides a basic guide to all aspects of control. There is detailed guidance on shooting, snaring, trapping, the use of dogs and humane dispatch. The law governing pest species is covered in detail, particularly with regard to the general licences which are frequently misunderstood. Detailed instructions are provided on the effective and legal use of snares and traps with photographic sequences to show how they should be sited and set. An invaluable guide for all those involved in pest and predator control.

    Mint new hardback. Previous price £16.95.
    Now only £7.95!

    Was £19.95
    Now only £9.95!
    Was £19.95
    Now only £9.95!
    Was £19.95
    Now only £9.95!
    Was £19.95
    Now only £9.95!
    Just published!

    New stock is coming in almost every day at the moment. Pictured below are a few recently published titles such as George Daniel's latest book, Nymph Fishing, and the superb (and huge!) four volume falconry set, Raptor and Human. If you wish to keep up to date on all of the latest books as soon as they beome available then keep an eye on the Newest Listings section of our website - updated daily.

    £19.95 £14.99 £35.00 £150.00
    And finally, coming soon...

    Several new books are due from the printers in the next month. They are not available yet, but will be in plenty of time for Christmas! These include a new Coch-y-Bonddu Books edition of Colin Willock's classic wildfowling book, Kenzie: The Wild-Goose Man. An excellent new book on the history of punt-gunning and wildfowling titled Saltwater, Webbed Feet and Blackpowder by John Richards and Julian Novorol; and, due to popular demand, a revised new edition of Colin Innes' already sought-after and collectible book on Dee salmon flies, The Lost Salmon Flies of Balmoral.

    £19.95 £40.00 £20.00

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