• Angling Monographs selling well

    Our new series of Angling Monographs are selling well. For anyone thinking about purchasing one of the quarter-leather editions of The Lost Salmon Flies of Balmoral by Colin Innes we would recommend doing so sooner rather than later - only two copies remain!

    UPDATE 26/02/2016 - The de luxe edition of The Lost Salmon Flies of Balmoral has now sold out. Paperback copies still available.

    Click here to see the full series.

  • The Life and Times of Bill Quinlan

    The Life and Times of Bill Quinlan
    by Bob Buteux

    Just arrived in the warehouse is the new hardback limited hardback edition of The Life and Times of Bill Quinlan by Bob Buteux. Only 200 copies printed. Price £27.95. I suspect these won't be around for long!

    Little Egret Press have also produced an unlimited paperback edition priced at just £10.95.

    We also occasionally have second-hand copies of the first edition available. Click here to search our stock.

  • Autumn flyfishing shows

    Today Paul is off to the first in a series of flyfishing shows over the next three weekends. First is Flyfest in Penrith this weekend, then the Grayling Society AGM in Lockerbie, then the Burton Flyfishing Show at Uttoxeter Racecourse. He'll have a lot of great bargains at each show, particularly for fly-tyers. Here are just a few:

    The Fly Tyier's Benchside Reference to Techniques and Dressing Styles
    by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer

    "There is no other work in the history of fly-tying or fly-tying literature that is as comprehensive." An encyclopaedic presentation of fly tying techniques, arranged according to a fly's body parts. Each section contains many different techniques for constructing the body part in question, with excellent step by step photographs in colour. The 444 large format pages have five to ten photographs per page, punctuating three columns of text. Selection of materials; hook preparation; thread handling; mounting and trimming materials; weighting hooks; underbodies, wiggle bodies, tandem hooks and weed guards; tails and trailing shucks; ribbing and gills; 150 pages on bodies; 100 pages on wings; 90 pages on hackles; heads, collars and eyes. The selection of materials covered is too long to list.

    "The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference is an incredibly detailed book that will no doubt be recognized for many decades as the definitive guide to tying anything on a hook to create any kind of trout fly. With in-depth discussions of over 400 tying techniques dealing with both natural and synthetic materials, and demonstrated with more than 3,000 color photos, there is hardly a question concerning tying trout flies that goes unanswered." A.K. Best.

    Published price £65.00
    Special Coch-y-Bonddu Books price just £45.00


    The Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying
    by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer

    An excellent beginner's guide, much in the manner of the authors' monumental Benchside Reference, which this work compliments. Detailed introduction to a variety of patterns and techniques with many excellent step-by-step photographs. 24 page intoductory section on the basics. 165 pages are cut horizontally into two, the top half showing fly patterns and the bottom half techniques. This allows a single pattern to be consulted uninterruptedly whilst referring to different techniques as required.

    Published price £29.95
    Special Coch-y-Bonddu Books price just £19.95


    Flyfishing Knots & Leader Systems
    by Dave Chermanski

    This is an extremely detailed compendium of practical information on knots, lines and the materials from which they are made. Dave Chermanski is a scientist and engineer who has made his career in the American space program. It seems unlikely that a more thorough treatment of the subject has yet been written. Well worth a read. Chapters include: Knots and connections; Tying the essential knots; Fly lines; Fly line backing; Rigging fly lines and backing; Leader system theory and general design; Nylon monofilament as a leader and tippet material; Advantages of fluorocarbon line; General freshwater and saltwater leader systems; Speciality leader system configurations; Tables and charts; Manufacturers and suppliers.

    Published price £19.95
    Special Coch-y-Bonddu Books price just £7.95


    Oliver Edwards' Flytyer's Masterclass
    by Oliver Edwards

    First published in 1994, Flytyer's Masterclass showcases the talents of British fly-tyer Oliver Edwards. Using his excellent knowledge of entomology and recognising specific characteristics of each species of fly he is creating, Edwards has developed his trademark of ultra realistic flies which are highly regarded for their near perfect imitation to the natural. Featuring patterns for the baetis nymph, ephemerella nymph, rhyacophila larva, and Klinkhamer special. For this new edition The Flyfisher's Library has commissioned new photographs by Terry Griffiths which depict each fly in stunning detail.

    "It is a really seminal book by probably the greatest fly-tyer of our generation." Magnus Angus.

    Published price £29.95
    Special Coch-y-Bonddu Books price just £9.95

  • Lots of new books and bargains

    It's been a busy few weeks with lots of new books coming into stock as well as plenty of new bargains. Here are just a small selection of the latest arrivals.

    A year on the Water by Terry Theobald. Signed by the author. £20.00

    Extreme Pike by Stephen Harper. Signed and numbered limited edition. £35.00

    Mammoth Pike 2004 - 13 by Neville Fickling. Signed and numbered limited edition. £35.00

    The Life and Times of Bill Quinlan. New paperback edition just £10.95

    The Little Book of Fly Fishing for Trout. Was £11.99. Now only £2.95!

    Fly Tying for Beginners by Peter Gathercole. Was £16.99. Now only £7.95!

    A History of Yateley by Rob Maylin and Alan Cooper two volume set. Was £60.00. Now only £14.95!

    At the Water's Edge with Martin James. Was £25.00. Now only £4.95!

    Itchen Memories by G.E.M. Skues. Was £25.00. Now only £9.95!

    Tackling Carp with Chilly Chillcott. Was £19.95. Now only £4.95!

    Captive Raptor Management and Rehabilitation by Richard Naisbitt. Was £29.95. Now only £19.95!

    Pike Fishing in the UK and Ireland by Steve Rogowski. Was £19.95. Now only £4.95!

    Keep an eye on the Newest Listings section of the website for all the latest additions to our stock.

  • A History of Yateley by Alan Cooper and Rob Maylin

    A terrific bargain!

    Two volumes, each with an original price of £30.00, now available as a set for only £14.95!

    Click here for more information or to place an order.

    A History of Yateley by Alan Cooper and Rob Maylin Two volume set now available for just £14.95 - a saving of over £45.00!

    The Yateley Complex and its famous carp are known by every carp angler in the country and probably most of the world for that matter. Although they have never produced a record carp, Bazil, Heather, Jumbo and their mates have been pursued by the UK's top carp anglers for over fifty years. Think of any famous carp angler in the last half-century and you can bet your life he's trodden Yateley's sacred grounds.

    Some only fished the odd season; others have spent a good part of their lives in pursuit of these legendary carp. They would all tell you that Yateley is a very special place. It has that unique vibe that very few carp waters aspire to. Why? Well it's a combination of factors: beautiful surroundings, peace, awesome scaly beasts with a reputation for being difficult to put on the mat, a great camaraderie within the syndicate and a chance to become part of England's great carp heritage are just some of the reasons. Yateley meant different things to different people: to some it was a way of life, to others an obsession, but for certain no one that fished Yateley ever took catching its residents lightly.

    This book compiled by Alan Cooper and Rob Maylin represents just a fraction of Yateley's history; it would have taken ten volumes and not two to include every angler who had achieved a personal best or goal. What we have tried to do is encapsulate the essence of this special complex. We have experts on the stockings and the early years and chapters from the anglers who caught these legends at their best weights. Each lake has its own introduction written by Alan, and there are beautiful maps and drawings to accompany every lake on the complex.

    We have also tried to include every carp that ever lived at Yateley - not an easy task, but one we have taken pleasure in achieving. Not every famous angler who ever set foot on Yateley is mentioned here, but most are.

  • An Oological Record of British Raptors. By Tony Ladd.

    An Oological Record of British Raptors
    Including bird familes - eagles, hawks, falcons, harriers and owls
    by Tony Ladd

    Fine new copy. Edition limited to 400 copies. Price £175.00

    A huge and impressive volume illustrated with excellent colour photographs including many full-page, life-size depictions of clutches of birds' eggs.

    "Through thousands of hours research and visits to the great natural history museums of Great Britain [Tony Ladd] has presented the story of the early naturalist collectors in a beautiful and artistic fashion. Early chapters cover the topic of how birds' eggs are formed in the body and there are also detailed descriptions of how the wonderful diversity of eggshell patterns are applied to the surface. Raptors, the first in a series of nine volumes, covers all of the British breeding birds of prey with detailed analysis of the birds' breeding behaviour. There are full page plates for each species showing the variety of egg-patterning and colours found in each species. All eggs are shown as life-size and with Tony's reprographic expertise, the colour reproduction and quality of all the images is outstanding." The foreword is by Errol Fuller. The first in a proposed series of nine volumes.

    LaddChapters include:-
    Oology explained;
    Birds' eggs & the law;
    Collecting mania;
    Fieldwork pioneers;
    The egg laid bare;
    Raptor species - White-tailed eagle; Golden eagle; Common buzzard; Honey buzzard; Osprey; Goshawk; Sparrowhawk; Marsh harrier; Hen harrier; Montagu's harrier; Peregrine falcon; Hobby; Kestrel; Merlin; Tawny owl; Barn owl; Short-eared owl; Long-eared owl; Little owl; Snowy owl.

  • Tuesday 28th April 2015 - Cool Spring

    My new van took me to Scandinavia and back without mishap. The Danish Fly Festival was terrific as usual - good company, good food and good book sales and purchases. Everyone told me how good the sea-trout fishing has been this year so I was keenly anticipating a few days on the water after the show. Unfortunately the weather changed as the show finished and cold winds drove the sea-trout offshore, and I probably had the worst three days of the Spring for my fishing.
    Abandoning the shore, I drove back through Germany to the Netherlands (where, of course, the sun was shining), and to the Pike and Fly show at Dronten. It was pretty low-key but I sold enough books to make space for a trolley-full of olives, wine and cheese from the Calais supermarché.
    Before leaving home, immediately after Easter, I had prepared and sown the greenhouse beds, and planted much of the garden, as well as setting a couple of broody hens on clutches of eggs. On my return the beds were green with growing salad crops, and tomatoes and cucumbers were ready for planting - and this morning there is a hatch of silkie chicks to rehouse. The other setting, of Welsummers, has only produced one chick, so I've popped that one under the hen with the silkie chicks.

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