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  • Angling Monographs selling well

    Our new series of Angling Monographs are selling well. For anyone thinking about purchasing one of the quarter-leather editions of The Lost Salmon Flies of Balmoral by Colin Innes we would recommend doing so sooner rather than later - only two copies remain!

    UPDATE 26/02/2016 - The de luxe edition of The Lost Salmon Flies of Balmoral has now sold out. Paperback copies still available.

    Click here to see the full series.

  • While My Float's Still Cocked - reviews

    While My Float's Still Cocked
    The ramblings of an artist-angler
    By Maurice J. Pledger

    High quality paperback with flaps. £19.95
    Cloth-bound hardback in dust-wrapper limited to 250 signed and numbered copies. £SOLD OUT
    De luxe leather-bound edition incorporating handmade porcupine quill float by Paul Cook. £395.00

    "Lovely book." (Amazon customer, 26th of November 2015)

    "Good book with lovely pictures." (Denise Hyslop, Amazon review, 8th of January 2015)

    "This book is a must read for all passionate anglers and will take you back to when you started fishing and remind you of the reasons that you are still fishing today. The author is also a dab hand with the brush - to put it mildly!!!" (Andy, Amazon review, 15th of November 2013)

    "I bought this book as a present for my husband who is a keen angler and collector of angling associated books. He thoroughly enjoyed it and the colour plates are amazing." ("maid of the mist", Amazon review, 14th of January 2013).

    "All I can say is if you must read one angling book before you die, read this. It's thought provoking and amusing, but most of all, it's amazingly entertaining. A thoroughly good read, get a copy today. It will not disappoint." (Jeff Woodhouse,

    While My Float's Still Cocked - deluxe edition

  • The North Country Fly - reviews

    The North Country Fly: Yorkshire's soft hackle tradition by Robert L. Smith

    The North Country Fly
    Yorkshire's soft hackle tradition
    By Robert L. Smith

    Large hardback in dust-wrapper. £25.00
    Two volume de luxe leather-bound edition with plates of flies. Edition limited to 25 signed and numbered copies. £795.00

    "Excellent book, well researched and put together. Covers everything you will ever need to know about the flies, the tyings and the history. A must have book for the spider fan." (Grant McKinnon, Amazon review, 8th of March 2015).

    "What a great book , it is a fantastic history of the north country spiders and the people who tied them , and fished them , well done rob." (Peter Helliwell, Amazon review, 24th of February 2015).

    The North Country Fly - deluxe edition The North Country Fly - deluxe edition

  • The North Country Fly - De luxe edition

    The North Country Fly by Rob Smith - De luxe editionFresh from the binder this week is the beautiful de luxe edition of Robert L. Smith's The North Country Fly.

    The two volume de luxe edition, each finely bound in full dark blue Nigerian goatskin leather. Volume One is the text of The North Country Fly and is signed and numbered by the author. Volume Two contains two panels each containing ten specimens of North Country flies dressed for this edition by the author. This selection of traditional patterns is taken from a wide variety of North Country rivers and streams, and the flies have been tied from the original dressings and utilising authentic North Country hackles and vintage silks. In order to best remain faithful to the profile of the original patterns, the flies have been dressed on straight-eyed, light-wire Daiichi dry-fly hooks. The two leather-bound volumes are housed together in a handsome matching blue slipcase lined with wine-red felt.

    This de luxe edition is limited to only 25 signed and numbered two-volume sets for sale and we now have very few left. Click here or contact us for further details.

    "It is a very special book and, as long as fly-fishing continues to be a pastime in our North Country streams, it will be and remain to be a classic." (Malcolm Greenhalgh).

    "The North Country Fly is gorgeous and fascinating... What a treat." (Paul Schullery).

    The North Country Fly - De luxe edition

  • The North Country Fly launched at the BFFI


    Pat Stevens, Rob Smith and Peter Hayes British Fly Fair International 2015

    Pat Stevens talks to Peter Hayes and Rob Smith at the launch of Rob's book - The North Country Fly: Yorkshire's Soft Hackle Tradition at the BFFI last weekend.
    We had a very enjoyable and successful show - meeting lots of old (and new) friends, and we had a terrific response to the new soft-hackle book.
    We were also joined by Neil Patterson who was signing our copies of his classic book, Chalkstream Chronicle. It was great to meet him after having known of him for many years. Neil has a new book, Flyfisher's Chronicle, coming out next week. Although we didn't receive the books in time for the show, Neil is signing some book-plates so that we can send personalised copies out to our customers next week.

  • Book launch this weekend at the BFFI

    The North Country Fly
    Yorkshire's soft hackle tradition
    by Robert L. Smith

    Standard hardback edition. £25.00
    Two volume de luxe leather-bound edition with flies. Limited to 25 sets only. £795.00

    Due for publication this Saturday at the BFFI. Signed hardback copies will be available for mail order from the start of next week. We have very few of the two volume de luxe edition copies left so please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to reserve a copy.
    The North Country Fly by Robert L. Smith

  • The North Country Fly by Robert L. Smith

    By Robert L. Smith.

    Standard edition. High quality cloth-bound hardback in dust-wrapper. £25.00
    De luxe edition. Two volume leather-bound edition with plates of North Country Flies. £795.00

    The North Country Fly: Yorkshire's Soft Hackle Tradition by Robert L. SmithI am pleased to announce the publication of Robert L. Smith's long-anticipated history of the North Country fly. The author's research has brought to light many rare documents, providing evidence for a tradition of imitative fly dressing, particularly in Yorkshire's Wharfedale, going back over 300 years. He has had access to several rare and early fly lists and his book includes the full texts of several previously unpublished manuscripts - from William Lister's fishing diary 1712-1724 to a number of fly-lists of nineteenth century beck-watchers. Additionally he provides much new information on previously published sources such as Walbran, Pritt and Edmonds & Lee, as well as up-to-date information on tying and fishing soft-hackle flies.

    Beautifully illustrated with examples of actual flies and materials, and with images from the original manuscripts, this book tells the definitive story of the North Country fly.

    The book will be launched at the British Fly Fair International, Stafford County Showground, 7th and 8th of February 2015. It is a large and beautifully produced hardbound volume and is priced very modestly at only £25.00. The author will be with us signing copies so everyone pre-ordering now will receive a signed copy.


    The North Country Fly: Yorkshire's Soft Hackle Tradition by Robert L. SmithWe are also producing a very special de luxe edition. This will consist of two volumes, each finely bound in full dark blue Nigerian goatskin leather. Volume One is the text of The North Country Fly. Volume Two contains two panels each containing ten specimens of North Country flies dressed for this edition by the author. This selection of traditional patterns is taken from a wide variety of North Country rivers and streams, and the flies have been tied from the original dressings and utilising authentic North Country hackles and vintage silks. In order to best remain faithful to the profile of the original patterns, the flies have been dressed on straight-eyed, light-wire Daiichi dry-fly hooks. The two leather-bound volumes will be contained together in a handsome matching cloth slipcase.

    This de luxe edition is limited to only 25 signed and numbered two-volume sets for sale. It is priced at £795 per set, but those ordered before 30th January 2015 will be invoiced at the pre-publication price of £750. Specific numbers of more than half of the edition have already been requested so if you desire a particular number please let us know as soon as possible. Click here for further details.

  • Lure Fishing: Presentation & Strategy - reviews

    Lure Fishing: Presentation and Strategy by Dave Pugh

    Lure Fishing
    Presentation & Strategy
    by Dave Pugh

    High quality hardback. £19.95
    High quality hardback limited to 250 signed and numbered copies. £SOLD OUT
    Quarter-leather bound edition in slipcase limited to 30 signed and numbered copies.

    "Early October I received an e-mail from my fishing friend Hans van der Pauw telling me a new book about fishing with lures would be ready in a few weeks’ time. ‘Lure Fishing, presentation & strategy ́ was the title, written by Dave Pugh. It must have been 20 years that Dave asked me to do a slide show about lure fishing at the annual Lure Angling Society Conference of which he was president. To be honest, I was never impressed by the quality and ability of the English fishermen catching pike, perch, chub and zander with lures. But from articles in various fishing magazines I got the idea Dave was the exception on the rule.

    And also the words presentation and strategy made me curious. I contacted my long-time friend Paul Morgan at Coch-y-Bonddu Books and the end of October 2 copies of this book were delivered at my home address. Now Hans van der Pauw and myself could start with reading the 256 pages of this nice looking hard cover book.

    Finally a new fresh approach. The last 10-15 years I read not many books and articles about the technical side of lure fishing, the reason being that most authors repeat what their predecessors had written about types of lures, colours and size, slow spinning in winter and faster in summer. No mention at all about how the pike and other predators think about these ideas. But in this book lure fishing is viewed through the eyes of the predator. Dave tells us how he learned in the 25 years he is working as a professional guide the hard way which factors are important when you want to be successful. Good results bring more customers. All these for the predator important factors like the right presentation at the right depth with the right speed, selecting the right swims where you can expect predators and visibility of the water are mentioned.

    Reading this gave me quite often a feeling of recognition, a feeling that I practised myself in the more than 30 years I guided guests in the polder canals in North Holland. Compared with other books about lure fishing, you ‘ll find minimum promotion of lure brands and the same with mentioning rods, reels and terminal tackle. Just try to use the best and in practice you’ll learn that. There are situations where I have a different opinion as Dave, I won’t use the strongest and heaviest tackle for that takes away a lot of the fun I have in playing a good sized fish. I have caught thousands of pikes with lures in 19 countries, more than 1000, yes thousand, were over the dream limit of 100 cm and 99,9% of these pikes I have landed with my bare hands, going under the gill cover. I hate to see a pike splashing around in a landing net with the lure in its mouth. I wouldn’t mind to discuss this topic with Dave.

    Before I’ll give you some technical information about the price and how to order, I’ll mention a formula I use for more than 30 years with success and which has a lot in common with the information Dave mentions in his book. As European consultant of the famous In-Fisherman magazine from the USA I learned to use the formula F + L + P = S. The F stands for Fish. The more you know about behaviour of the fish you want to catch, its food and feeding habits, habitat, spawning etc., the better your chances to catch this fish. L stands for Location. When you know where you can expect the fishes you intend to catch your chances to catch some are much better than a water with a minimum population. The P stands for Presentation.

    When you present your lure in a natural way close to the mouth of a predator, the chances this fish will grab this lure are high. The S stands for Success and you’ll get this when you use the formula and the practical information in Dave’s book. For me reading this book was a pleasure and I can recommend it to all lure fishermen, young and old. I found already some new tips in this book which I practised with success in Holland.

    This book is published by: Coch-y-Bonddu Books, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8DG, UK. Phone + 44 1654 702 837. For more information and ordering, visit the website: The price of this excellent book is £19.95 pounds and mailing costs to Europe £5.00. Highly recommended!" (Jan Eggers, The Pike Ferret).


    "Traditionally, lure fishing, especially for pike, has had relatively few enthusiastic followers in the UK. The main reason has always been the conviction that big pike - and that's what most British anglers are interested in - are much more likely to be caught with natural baits, dead or alive. Only in the last twenty to thirty years have we seen a steady increase in the number of British anglers explaining and recommending lure fishing in books and magazines and, more recently, on the internet. Different from England, lure fishing in the Netherlands had already become very popular since the early 1950's. The result has been - in sincere modesty - that the Netherlands had advanced much further in this particular way of angling, compared to England. This was noticed by British angler Chris McCully, after he moved to Holland in 2000. In 2009 this led to the publication of his excellent book Fishing and Pike Lures, which made the knowledge he had gathered in the Netherlands available to British lure anglers.

    And now another specialized book on lure fishing has been published: Lure Fishing - Presentation & Strategy by Dave Pugh. Is it another step forward? I certainly think so. But like McCully, Pugh too builds on ideas and techniques that had been developed abroad in the previous decades. For Pugh the book that really opened his eyes to why and when predatory fish choose and use the places they do, was Spoonplugging (1973) by the American angler Elwood 'Buck' Perry from Hickory, North Carolina. In the USA Perry is regarded as one of the great innovators in lure fishing for bass: 'the daddy of structure fishing'. He developed his theories on the location of predatory fish in the 1950's and 1960's and presented them with the triumphant commercial slogan "You too can catch big fish... and lots of them!" Perry put questions to many assumptions that by then had existed for so long that they had gradually turned into certainties. Pugh does the same thing, and there's a lot to be learned from that.

    For an important part Pugh thinks independently, based on his own experiences. And he formulates his thoughts and conclusions accurately. He mops the floor with well-established ideas and assumptions that over time - and sometimes for generations - have been copied as certainties by many anglers and angling writers. That's a relief. But now the reader in his turn owes it to Pugh to also be critical about Pugh's ideas and not adopt them without any thinking of his own. Moreover the circumstances in which Pugh does his fishing - mostly rivers and lakes - often differ a lot from e.g. the Dutch polders. But still Dutch anglers will find in Pugh's book many thoughts and approaches that are universal and therefore apply to their fishing as well.

    The book is divided into two sections: 'Presentation' en 'Strategy'. In the first section Pugh considers the presentation of lures - that is the location and depth where, and speed at which they are presented - of primary importance. Next to that the size of a lure can be critical as well. But the type of lure and its colour and action matter much less - the type only so much as it determines the depth at which a lure can be fished. In other words, the fish-catching power of the different types of lures is strongly relativized by Pugh. Especially the part about why fish take or ignore a lure is, in my opinion, important and convincing. Here Pugh settles with the anthropomorphic ideas on fish behaviour and the believe that lures should as well as possible imitate prey fish, or even wounded prey fish. However much an angler may be convinced of the attractiveness of a lure, the fish may hold completely different ideas about it. And here, I 'm sure, Pugh really hits the nail right on the head.

    Section two, 'Strategy', contains a good and useful explanation of the different approaches in lures fishing. Yet I find the many certainties Pugh presents here sometimes a bit too positive and far-fetched. It leads to statements like "the chance of getting a take if two pike are present is twenty times higher than from a single pike". How do you know that? And how can you measure it so precisely? Without a doubt there's much knowledge on fishing to be gained from experience. But the problem will always be that, when fishing, the circumstances in nature include an infinite amount of variables: the behavior of the fish themselves at the moment of fishing, circumstances in the water on the exact location (e.g. type of bottom, depth, weed growth, clearness of the water), the weather, the time of day, the behavior of the angler, the materials and bait or lure used, the way in which the bait is presented, etc. etc. All these values, that often differ from day to day or even from hour to hour too, make that conclusions will inevitably remain uncertain and will often also depend on local circumstances. Unfortunately this leaves very little room for certainties. Speaking for myself, in fifty years of angling I've had to give up ever more certainties and assumptions - almost to the point of becoming an angling agnostic. Rather paradoxically, Pugh has helped me with his findings and assumptions to reconsider many of my own ideas and assumptions and to have a fresh and different look at various things. I certainly expect this to benefit my fishing. Yet there remain some fundamental differences in view between Pugh and me. These can probably be carried back mainly to cultural differences between Dutch and British anglers - with the British attitude on the whole being rather more competitive. An important example is the subject of 'time management'. For someone who first and for all values the quality in fishing and who knows to enjoy the way in which a fish is caught and the entire setting in which this takes place - say more the rustic Chris Yates type of angler - this chapter will be hard to swallow. Because here Pugh sets off in a purely quantitative attitude: catching fish like harvesting potatoes. Pugh wants us to ask ourselves the question 'Are there loads of fish here that I can catch easily?'. If not so, we should move on. Here the objective of angling is reduced to hauling in the maximum amount of fish - 'bagging up' - and any circumstances or joy in fishing seems to be subordinate to this goal and irrelevant. At least not a word is spent on it.

    The same attitude can also be recognized in the way Pugh chooses his tackle. He says very little about it at all, other than that he likes to use the strongest tackle and the most powerful rod he can, in fear of losing a fish: "The fight is more an irritation - a potential risk of loss after doing all that hard work in location and presentation." In this Pugh and I are divided by a fundamental difference in attitude. The day I will ever think of fishing as 'hard work' and of the fight as 'an irritation' I will quit angling immediately. Even so, this difference in attitude can hardly be a ground for criticism. Everyone chooses his own way to happiness.

    Conclusion: Without any doubt Pugh's Lure Fishing is an important book with which any lure angler will be able to improve his fishing - at least his results - considerably. Compliments also for the fine hard cover edition with a very attractive painting by Maurice Pledger. Highly recommended." (Hans van der Pauw, 7th of November 2014).


    "This has just arrived at work (where I get most of my fishing parcels sent to) and I had a quick flick through during my work hour. Although mainly aimed at the pike angler with just the odd diversion into perch and zander (a bit of a shame given Dave's reputation has probably been built mainly around zander but perhaps a sensible move by the publishers) it is a fabulous work. It is absolutely everything we have come to expect from Dave's writing: zero fluff. It's as practical and unembellished as a car manual. But what it oozes is a vastly concentrated distillation of many, many hours of experience over many, many years. Dave's style of fishing and thinking is not for everyone. If you're a chuck and chillax kind of angler this is definitely not a book for you as it will just feel like far too much hard work and attention to detail! Let's face it, most people won't religiously count retrieve turns and count down times to, when the hit on the right combo, be able to repeat it over and over. But if you want to learn how to catch more fish, even if the effort feels like a bit too much to be putting in every trip, then this book is probably the best I've read.

    Massively recommend. I'll have read it cover to cover by bed time! Well done Dave." (Guy Micklewright, Lure Anglers' Society forum)



    "Outstanding book, very different to the majority of what has been written about lure fishing, which seems to be regurgitated from previous authors. Would thoroughly reccomend!" ("J2TheM", Amazon UK review, 2nd of November 2015)

  • Lure Fishing: Presentation and Strategy

    Lure Fishing
    Presentation & Strategy
    By Dave Pugh


    Lure Fishing by Dave Pugh. First 250 copies signed and numbered by the author. Price just £19.95.

    Standard edition - a high quality hardback with cover illustration by Maurice Pledger. First 250 copies signed and numbered by the author. Price £19.95.

    Collector's edition - quarter-bound in leather and presented in a slipcase. Limited to only 30 signed and numbered copies. Price £95.00.

    Launching this Saturday (25th of September) at the PAC Convention, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, is this excellent new book from professional lure fishing guide, Dave Pugh. The first 250 copies will be individually numbered and signed by the author. Pre-orders are coming in fast!

    For the collectors among us we have also produced just 30 copies quarter-bound in emerald green scale-effect leather and presented in a Royal blue cloth-bound slipcase. Each copy will be signed and numbered by the author.

    Dave Pugh's success as a fishing guide is totally dependent on his customers catching fish. No fish means no customers. This book is an accumulation of twenty-five years of trial and error, and the defining and honing of a few basic methods on thousands of fish. Reading this book and putting into practice its no-nonsense advice will certainly improve your lure fishing skills and help you catch more fish, more consistently.

    "Read Dave's book carefully and I’m sure you will increase your effectiveness. The lure will not have changed, but what you do with the lure most certainly will have." (from the foreword by Neville Fickling).

    Contents include:


    1 What Really Matters
    The background information, the real nitty-gritty about the important stuff that helps us to catch fish with our lures. A lure is just a bait that is best suited to a moving presentation. The underwater world. Speed, depth and lure size.

    2 Lure Control - Casting
    Guidance on casting, this sounds very basic, but it is important.

    3. Lure Control – Retrieving
    Depth and speed control.

    4. Lure Control – Structure
    How lures can be chosen and controlled to take account of the shape of the river or lake bed.

    5. Basic Tackle
    Exactly that, some guidance on equipment. The same kit is not right for everyone.

    6. Lure Types
    A simplified description of lure behaviours. In terms of control, there are essentially only 3 types!

    7. Lure Colour
    Why it does, and does not, matter.

    8. Good Lures
    Things to consider about what makes a lure a good choice. Includes qualities like strength, durability, casting range and price.


    9. Introduction to strategy.
    Lures or bait? Fish density and behaviour. Mobility and access, a boat, seasonal changes and water conditions.

    10. Searching
    New waters and your regular spots. Finding good places and numbers of fish.

    11. Bagging Up
    Making the most of the opportunity when you have found numbers of fish. Competing fish. Speed and depth.

    12. Scratching
    What to do when you cannot find numbers of fish. Extremes of speed. Concentration, determination and thoroughness.

    13. Pike Specifically
    Technical application: fishing for pike in weir pools, margins and weedbeds. Lures as tools. Precision and control.

    14. Time Management
    Planning, reacting to results, optimising time in best places.

    15.Never Stop Learning.
    Reading critically, choosing your fishing buddies, team ethos, protecting your best fishing, and getting your money's worth from guides.


    De luxe quarter-leather edition of Lure Fishing by Dave Pugh. Limited to only 30 signed and numbered copies. Price just £95.

    Here's what Dave himself has to say about his book on his Lure Fishing UK website.

    "Some time ago I decided that I'd like to write a book about lure fishing. I felt I had something to say that was rather different from the usual stuff that gets repeated and recycled endlessly. It comes down to experience, I've been fishing with lures for 25 years now, and during that time I've caught a lot of fish from various water types and in a huge variety of water conditions. Something that is plain to me from all that experience is that the majority of everything I've ever read about lure fishing is either irrelevant or misleading, and worst of all, totally unhelpful to someone who wants to catch a lot of fish with lures.

    There are two main threads of lure fishing that have to be woven together to create the fabric of success: the first is simply the ability to control lures, which involves not only the cast and the retrieve, but the choice of lure. The second is how you should go about applying that ability on the water to make sure you catch the maximum number of your target species. So the book, entitled: Lure Fishing – Presentation and Strategy, is in 2 sections, the first part covers Presentation, all the technical stuff that enables you to get the right lure in the right place. The second part is about the Strategy, selecting the right places, including searching for fish, catching loads when you've found them, and also getting the best from a hard day.

    Alongside the main text there are over 100 colour photographs, all with informative captions that describe detailed examples within the general thread.

    Everything in the book is drawn from experience, I've no daft theories about lures and fish, there is no lazy speculation about irrelevancies, it is just a practical guide to getting the most from your lures. It contains plenty of original information, important things that I've never seen written anywhere but that have made a big contribution to my success, the sort of things that really matter when you're out there on the water: I believe that information will be helpful to any other lure anglers seeking to improve their catches."

    Lure Fishing Presentation and Strategy by Dave Pugh
    ISBN 978 1 904784 64 7
    Published and distributed by
    Coch-y-Bonddu Books Ltd, Machynlleth, Powys SY20 8DG
    01654 702837

    Lure Fishing: Presentation & Strategy by Dave Pugh

  • The Midland Game Fair, 20th & 21st of September


    Books at the Midland Game Fair, 20th & 21st September
    It feels like Autumn - must be time for
    the Midland Game Fair! We are already busy loading up the van and trailers
    with lots of bargains. As usual we will have the largest display of fishing,
    sporting and countryside books available - new and second-hand and some very
    special offers. Scroll down for our FREE BOOKS OFFER along with
    details of a few recently published titles. Quite a number of authors will
    be on our stand at various times throughout the weekend so come along to
    have a chat and pick up your signed copies. See you there!
    up your FREE books at the Midland Game Fair

    ***FREE BOOKS***

    Come along to our stand at the Midland
    Game Fair to claim your free gift! Spend over £10 and receive a free copy of
    The Countryside Cartoon Joke Book or spend over £20 to receive a free copy of
    Mike Robinson's Countrywise
    Country Cookbook
    . Just ask us at the show.

    The Countryside Cartoon Joke Book
    By Roger PenwillPenwill's delightful
    cartoon-take on life in the British countryside today will raise a laugh
    with all farmers, rural post-mistresses, public transport users and village
    pub landlords. Packed with hilarious cartoons about life outside the city,
    from small-holders, to ramblers, to Aga-owners and others, this topical
    little book is a wry comment on the state of rural life today. With a cover
    price of £5.99, you can now pick this book up from us at just £2.95 or FREE
    when you spend over £10 at the Midland Game Fair.

    Country Cookbook
    By Mike RobinsonA good game cookery book packed full of recipes for
    the country kitchen. This large hardback book, with a cover price of
    £20.00, is now available at the very special price of just £3.95 or FREE
    when you spend over £20 at the Midland Game Fair. A fine
    companion for the same author's book on game preparation, Fit
    For Table

    To be launched
    at the Midland Game Fair
    This year at Weston Park we will be launching
    several new books. A few of the authors, including Graham
    , David
    Brian Mitchell, will be attending so do come along to pick
    up your copies and get them signed. If you can't make it to the the show
    this year, but would like a signed copy, then simply place your order
    through our website or over the telephone and we can get a copy signed at
    the show on your behalf. Just call or email us with your request.


    By Graham Downing

    To the deer stalker the arrival of the muntjac
    presents a new sporting opportunity, for though they may be the smallest
    of our deer species, muntjac are nonetheless a challenging and absorbing
    quarry to hunt. In this book, Graham Downing outlines their origin and
    spread, explains in detail their natural history and gives his experiences
    of muntjac stalking.

    Mint new hardback. £25.00

    Signed copies available from 22nd of September - contact us to reserve a


    Downing's book should make a fine companion to what
    many have already said has become the definitive book on muntjac
    management in Britain,

    Muntjac: Managing an Alien Species
    by Charles Smith-Jones.
    Mint new hardback. £19.95De luxe leather-bound edition in slipcase limited to only 20 signed and
    numbered copies. £150


    An Illustrated History

    By David S.D. Jones

    David Jones has written a fascinating and
    comprehensive book on the history of gamekeeping since the inception of
    the profession in the late seventeenth century until the present time.
    With its comprehensive coverage and wealth of stunning illustrations, this
    book provides a unique insight into gamekeeping and gives an accurate
    record of gamekeeping in times past, something often neglected by other
    authors who have painted a much rosier picture of the gamekeepers life in
    bygone days, rather than a truthful one based on hard facts.

    Mint new hardback. £25.00

    Signed copies available from 22nd of September - contact us to reserve a

    Think Like a Pheasant

    By Brian Mitchell & Stephen Manning

    A fascinating and comprehensive book on the life of
    Brian Mitchell and his philosophies towards gamekeeping and countryside
    management - his once controversial views on pheasant rearing and cover
    crops are now accepted worldwide. The book covers his early working life
    from under keeper on the Sherborne Estate through to the great Exmoor
    shoot of Miltons where Brian saw the potential of the shoot to produce the
    now renowned Exmoor High Bird. It discusses his move to Castle Hill, the
    many challenges he has faced there and the development of the shoot over
    25 years. Mishaps and successes are chronicled and each chapter is
    littered full of anecdotes - many of them humorous - and laced with the
    names of characters from the world of shooting.

    Mint new hardback. £25.00

    Signed copies available from 22nd of September - contact us to reserve a

    An excellent new
    book on freshwater fishing with lures


    Presentation & Strategy

    By Dave Pugh

    Dave Pugh's success as a fishing guide is totally
    dependent on his customers catching fish. No fish means no customers. This
    book is an accumulation of twenty-five years of trial and error, and the
    defining and honing of a few basic methods on thousands of fish. Reading
    this book and putting into practice its no-nonsense advice will certainly
    improve your lure fishing skills and help you catch more fish, more

    Due to be launched at the Pike Anglers' Club
    Convention, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, 27th of September.

    This great new book will be published in
    the following two formats:
    - A high quality hardback. The first 250 copies will be signed
    and numbered by the author. Price just £19.95!
    luxe edition
    - Quarter-bound in emerald green scale-effect leather and
    presented in a royal blue cloth-bound slipcase. This handsome edition will
    be limited to only 30 signed and numbered copies and will be available at
    a very affordable price of just £95! First come, first served.

    One for the

    Passage Merlin

    By Jeremy Bradshaw

    Years of experience flying merlins led to the
    writing of this instructional book. From trapping to training to setting
    up a slip, The Passage Merlin gives falconers a foundation of knowledge
    about merlins they can build upon with their own experiences.

    "This original contribution will bring merlin
    falconry to ever higher standards through a deep, personal understanding
    of the wild caught merlin's psyche and its predictable responses to
    training protocol. This is the most comprehensive and finest example of
    merlin falconry methodology, alternative methods, and options in
    existence. No other volume comes close; it is cutting edge, state of the
    art, truly an organization of teaching and learning in a class by
    itself." (Mike McDermott in his foreword).

    Hardback in dust-wrapper. Signed by the author.

    Beautiful large
    format shooting books
    These two large format sporting book
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    We also have some signed copies of Lord Percy's
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    Was £30.00Now only £7.95! Signed copies availableOnly £30.00!
    Some newly reduced-price books
    We are continuing to fill the warehouse with bargain
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    As well as the new books mentioned above we have
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