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  • Lots of new books and bargains

    It's been a busy few weeks with lots of new books coming into stock as well as plenty of new bargains. Here are just a small selection of the latest arrivals.

    A year on the Water by Terry Theobald. Signed by the author. £20.00

    Extreme Pike by Stephen Harper. Signed and numbered limited edition. £35.00

    Mammoth Pike 2004 - 13 by Neville Fickling. Signed and numbered limited edition. £35.00

    The Life and Times of Bill Quinlan. New paperback edition just £10.95

    The Little Book of Fly Fishing for Trout. Was £11.99. Now only £2.95!

    Fly Tying for Beginners by Peter Gathercole. Was £16.99. Now only £7.95!

    A History of Yateley by Rob Maylin and Alan Cooper two volume set. Was £60.00. Now only £14.95!

    At the Water's Edge with Martin James. Was £25.00. Now only £4.95!

    Itchen Memories by G.E.M. Skues. Was £25.00. Now only £9.95!

    Tackling Carp with Chilly Chillcott. Was £19.95. Now only £4.95!

    Captive Raptor Management and Rehabilitation by Richard Naisbitt. Was £29.95. Now only £19.95!

    Pike Fishing in the UK and Ireland by Steve Rogowski. Was £19.95. Now only £4.95!

    Keep an eye on the Newest Listings section of the website for all the latest additions to our stock.

  • A History of Yateley by Alan Cooper and Rob Maylin

    A terrific bargain!

    Two volumes, each with an original price of £30.00, now available as a set for only £14.95!

    Click here for more information or to place an order.

    A History of Yateley by Alan Cooper and Rob Maylin Two volume set now available for just £14.95 - a saving of over £45.00!

    The Yateley Complex and its famous carp are known by every carp angler in the country and probably most of the world for that matter. Although they have never produced a record carp, Bazil, Heather, Jumbo and their mates have been pursued by the UK's top carp anglers for over fifty years. Think of any famous carp angler in the last half-century and you can bet your life he's trodden Yateley's sacred grounds.

    Some only fished the odd season; others have spent a good part of their lives in pursuit of these legendary carp. They would all tell you that Yateley is a very special place. It has that unique vibe that very few carp waters aspire to. Why? Well it's a combination of factors: beautiful surroundings, peace, awesome scaly beasts with a reputation for being difficult to put on the mat, a great camaraderie within the syndicate and a chance to become part of England's great carp heritage are just some of the reasons. Yateley meant different things to different people: to some it was a way of life, to others an obsession, but for certain no one that fished Yateley ever took catching its residents lightly.

    This book compiled by Alan Cooper and Rob Maylin represents just a fraction of Yateley's history; it would have taken ten volumes and not two to include every angler who had achieved a personal best or goal. What we have tried to do is encapsulate the essence of this special complex. We have experts on the stockings and the early years and chapters from the anglers who caught these legends at their best weights. Each lake has its own introduction written by Alan, and there are beautiful maps and drawings to accompany every lake on the complex.

    We have also tried to include every carp that ever lived at Yateley - not an easy task, but one we have taken pleasure in achieving. Not every famous angler who ever set foot on Yateley is mentioned here, but most are.

  • Saturday 25th July 2015 - preparing for the CLA

    Right now we are busy loading our convoy of vehicles for the CLA Game Fair next week. Our stand - number J1965 - is on the approach to Fisherman's Row and pretty close to the Food Court. We've got a busy and sociable weekend planned with lots of friends and authors coming along. Paul, Marion, Luke and Jane are being joined by Ken Callahan from New Hampshire, and Paul Hogan from Andalucia. Paul will be with us all weekend signing copies of his new book, Dry River: Flyfishing Tales, and Robert Smith, author of The North Country Fly: Yorkshire's Soft Hackle Tradition, will be with us at some time e very day. At 12 noon on Friday we will have Liam Bell signing copies of his new book, On Your Shoot, as well as Charles Smith-Jones, author of The Deer Stalker's Bedside Book and Muntjac: Managing an Alien Species. On 10 am on Sunday we will be joined by Tim Maddams for the launch ofGame, his new book on game cookery in the River Cottage series.

    Dry River
    Flyfishing Tales

    By Paul Hogan

    In Dry River, Paul Hogan describes fishing the waters of the places he has lived and worked: flyfishing for trout in the loughs and rivers of Southern Ireland; in the Otago district of New Zealand, and latterly, in southern Spain where he flyfishes for gypsy barbel and carp, and float-tubes for black bass, in the mountainous catchment of the Rio Guadalhorce with its large reservoirs and seasonally dry tributaries. Several of the author's watercolours of fish illustrate the book alongside three paintings in the same vein by the renowned American artist, James Prosek.

    A limited edition of only 500 signed and numbered copies. Hardback in dust-wrapper. Price £20.00


    The Mirror of Falcony
    by Pierre Harmont
    The Falconry of Francois de Saincte Aulaire

    Translated by John Loft

    An exemplary translation of two important, and very scarce, 17th century French falconry books, to which John Loft has contributed many pages of informed commentary. The two books are of interest for their own sake: Loft's own contribution should be read by anybody who has read, or intends to read, other works on falconry of the period. If you haven't, you should.

    We have a few copies, each signed by John Loft.

    Mint new signed hardback in dust-wrapper. Price £40.00

    We will, as usual, be bringing along a huge range of new, second-hand and antiquarian sporting books. Here are just a few examples of recent publications that can be found on our stand at the weekend. If you would like us to bring along a particular book (anything on our website) please contact us well in advance - we'll be setting out several days early!
  • Dry River: Flyfishing Tales by Paul Hogan

    Dry River: Flyfishing Tales by Paul Hogan A limited first edition of only 500 signed and numbered copies. Publication date - 31st of July 2015 at the CLA Game Fair

    We are now accepting pre-orders for our new limited edition angling book, Dry River: Flyfishing Tales by Paul Hogan. To be launched at the CLA Game Fair 2015 in an edition of only 500 signed and numbered copies. Click on the link below for full information and to reserve your copy.…

    An engaging series of angling essays by an informed observer who thoroughly appreciates the places in which he has fished. In Dry River,Paul Hogan describes fishing the waters of the places he has lived and worked: flyfishing for trout in the loughs and rivers of Southern Ireland; in the Otago district of New Zealand, and latterly, in southern Spain where he flyfishes for gypsy barbel and carp, and float-tubes for black bass, in the mountainous catchment of the Rio Guadalhorce with its large reservoirs and its seasonally dry tributaries. As a biology teacher, the author has a sharp and informed eye for his surroundings and for those of his quarry. He makes interesting and relevant observations on the fish, the waters, and the varied wildlife which shares the habitat of the lone Andalusian angler. As a keen observer of fish, Hogan's interest extends to painting and this also has its place in the narrative. Several of the author's watercolours of fish illustrate the book alongside three paintings in the same vein by the renowned American artist, James Prosek.


    AN ANGLER'S ARCHIVE by Charles Bingham AN ANGLER'S ARCHIVE by Charles Bingham

    Charles Bingham has just privately published a memoir based on his archive of photographs from a lifetime of fishing in the West Country in an edition of only 300 copies.  Only 200 of these are available for sale - exclusively through Coch-y-Bonddu Books, and have all been signed and numbered by the author. At a bargain price for a limited edition angling book - only £25!

  • An Oological Record of British Raptors. By Tony Ladd.

    An Oological Record of British Raptors
    Including bird familes - eagles, hawks, falcons, harriers and owls
    by Tony Ladd

    Fine new copy. Edition limited to 400 copies. Price £175.00

    A huge and impressive volume illustrated with excellent colour photographs including many full-page, life-size depictions of clutches of birds' eggs.

    "Through thousands of hours research and visits to the great natural history museums of Great Britain [Tony Ladd] has presented the story of the early naturalist collectors in a beautiful and artistic fashion. Early chapters cover the topic of how birds' eggs are formed in the body and there are also detailed descriptions of how the wonderful diversity of eggshell patterns are applied to the surface. Raptors, the first in a series of nine volumes, covers all of the British breeding birds of prey with detailed analysis of the birds' breeding behaviour. There are full page plates for each species showing the variety of egg-patterning and colours found in each species. All eggs are shown as life-size and with Tony's reprographic expertise, the colour reproduction and quality of all the images is outstanding." The foreword is by Errol Fuller. The first in a proposed series of nine volumes.

    LaddChapters include:-
    Oology explained;
    Birds' eggs & the law;
    Collecting mania;
    Fieldwork pioneers;
    The egg laid bare;
    Raptor species - White-tailed eagle; Golden eagle; Common buzzard; Honey buzzard; Osprey; Goshawk; Sparrowhawk; Marsh harrier; Hen harrier; Montagu's harrier; Peregrine falcon; Hobby; Kestrel; Merlin; Tawny owl; Barn owl; Short-eared owl; Long-eared owl; Little owl; Snowy owl.

  • Tuesday 19th May 2015 - another fishy week & the decline of the Game Fair

    At the risk of boring you all, I'm going to add a picture of the fish I caught this morning - it was so beautiful! And a couple of pounds heavier than the previous one!

    Dyfi sea-trout - 9lb 8oz Dyfi sea-trout - 9lb 8oz

    I think I am starting to get the balance right: one hour at the office, one hour on the river, and one hour in the garden. Then lunch - then start again.

    Actually the fish were the winners last week. Luke and I took a day off on Wednesday and had a look at the Talybont lakes. The wind dropped away to a very light easterly and the lakes were almost flat calm. Fish were rising to something invisible on Llyn Penrhaeadr and Conach, and were almost impossible to catch. Luke's single fly approach fooled a handful, but I was completely skunked!

    I've just been looking at my diary for the coming weeks. Unfortunately we will not be having a stand at the Scottish Game Fair this year. Sales continue to fall as costs rise, and the fair organisers, while bemoaning the deterioration of Fisherman's Row, refuse to make any allowances for high quality trade stands, many of whom travel hundreds of miles to be there. So, most of the serious angling trade stands have, like ourselves, reluctantly decided that we can't afford to subsidise them any more. We will be at the CLA Game Fair this year, but it is very likely to be for the last time. Apparently organisations like the Salmon & Trout Association and the National Gamekeepers Association will not be there because of the cost of taking a stand. The short-sighted CLA, in excluding these important countryside organisations, are excluding the very people who made the event a success in the past (many of them my customers!), causing further decline in my business, and hastening their own inevitable demise.

    Incidentally, the first year that I did a number of game fairs was 1991, so this is my 25th year of them. The first Falconry Fair was that year, and we have attended every one since. This year our takings were exactly the same as they were in 1991!

    Later that day...
    I'm not going to keep on adding pictures of fish as I catch them, but I'd better finish the story. I went out for an hour after dinner and caught these two - another nine and a seven.

    Sea-trout - nine and seven pounds. Sea-trout - nine and seven pounds.

  • On the road again

    Paul is currently on the road making his way to Denmark. The van is packed full of just about as many flyfishing and flytying books as it will take but he managed to find enough space to take along his sea trout tackle too!

    Meanwhile, back at the shop, new books are arriving with us every day. Flyfisher's Chronicle by Neil Patterson is selling fast. Our first few copies all have a signed and inscribed bookplate on the front end-paper. We don't have too many of these left now so if you are after a signed copy I would recommend placing your order sooner rather than later! Another excellent book that has just arrived in stock is the long-awaited new paperback edition of Understanding the Bird of Prey by Nick Fox. It is probably the most comprehensive gathering of data on birds of prey ever assembled. The book covers the biology of birds of prey, their captive management, breeding, training and rehabilitation. Essential reading if you are even slightly serious about birds of prey, for any purpose whatsoever.

    While Paul's away Luke and Matthew will continue adding new books to the website everyday. Keep an eye on the Newest Listings section of the website to keep yourself informed of the latest additions of new and second-hand books to our stock.

  • Tuesday 31st March 2015

    I should have been dabbling the duck-fly on Lough Corrib with Dennis Moss this morning. However, storms have put paid to that so I'll forget about Ireland until mayfly time. I might try a few of Rob Smith's spiders on the hill streams over Easter, but more likely I'll be tucked up in the warm in the greenhouse, potting-on tomato plants.
    I have returned to fly-tying after a break of many years, so I will certainly be checking my stocks of shrimp and ragworm patterns ready to tackle the Danish sea-trout next week. I'll be staying on the Baltic coast for several days after the Kolding Fly Festival, so have every chance of catching up with the elusive sea-trout (Any tips on where to go gratefully received!) Then to Holland, where I don't suppose I'll be fishing - just having a beer or two with lots of old friends.
    I will be 
    taking a very nice selection of flyfishing books (& a few lure books) to both shows, but if you want me to bring any particular titles, let me know as soon as possible.


  • The North Country Fly - De luxe edition

    The North Country Fly by Rob Smith - De luxe editionFresh from the binder this week is the beautiful de luxe edition of Robert L. Smith's The North Country Fly.

    The two volume de luxe edition, each finely bound in full dark blue Nigerian goatskin leather. Volume One is the text of The North Country Fly and is signed and numbered by the author. Volume Two contains two panels each containing ten specimens of North Country flies dressed for this edition by the author. This selection of traditional patterns is taken from a wide variety of North Country rivers and streams, and the flies have been tied from the original dressings and utilising authentic North Country hackles and vintage silks. In order to best remain faithful to the profile of the original patterns, the flies have been dressed on straight-eyed, light-wire Daiichi dry-fly hooks. The two leather-bound volumes are housed together in a handsome matching blue slipcase lined with wine-red felt.

    This de luxe edition is limited to only 25 signed and numbered two-volume sets for sale and we now have very few left. Click here or contact us for further details.

    "It is a very special book and, as long as fly-fishing continues to be a pastime in our North Country streams, it will be and remain to be a classic." (Malcolm Greenhalgh).

    "The North Country Fly is gorgeous and fascinating... What a treat." (Paul Schullery).

    The North Country Fly - De luxe edition

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