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  • The Passage Merlin by Jeremy Bradshaw

    The Passage Merlin
    By Jeremy Bradshaw

    **Signed copies now available**


    Just arrived from the 'States is this privately published new book on merlins and merlin falconry. All of our copies have been signed by the author.

    "Years of experience flying merlins led to the writing of this instructional book. From trapping to training to setting up a slip, The Passage Merlin gives falconers a foundation of knowledge about merlins they can build upon with their own experiences. Interspersed amongst the information-filled pages are personal stories, incredible photos, and helpful tips intended to help falconers successfully trap and fly passage merlins."

    "The Passage Merlin is written as a practical guide; a training manual that both teaches and inspires. This original contribution will bring merlin falconry to ever higher standards through a deep, personal understanding of the wild caught merlin's psyche and its predictable responses to training protocol. This is the most comprehensive and finest example of merlin falconry methodology, alternative methods, and options in existence. No other volume comes close; it is cutting edge, state of the art, truly an organization of teaching and learning in a class by itself." (Mike McDermott in his foreword).

    Fine new hardback in dust-wrapper. Signed by the author. Price £60.00.

  • The New Zealand Collection

    We've recently been tidying up the New Zealand corner of the warehouse and have found lots of good stuff. So many good books in fact that we have created a new section on the website for books relating to hunting and fishing in New Zealand. Here is the link:

    There are already several hundred books in the section with plenty more to be catalogued over the next few days. If you are looking for a specific title that you can't see on the website then as always, do email us with your request and we can search our uncatalogued stocks for you.

  • Country Cookbook - a real bargain!

    A real bargain

    Countrywise Country Cookbook by Mike Robinson is now only £3.95!

    A saving of over 80%!

    Countrywise Country Cookbook by Mike Robinson - now only £3.95.Countrywise Kitchen proved one of the most popular food series of 2010, with viewing figures regularly hitting over 4 million when it aired on ITV1 primetime. Now, for the first time, its co-presenter and chef Mike Robinson brings you the best recipes of the 2010 and 2011 series – plus dishes from its sister show Countrywise, which is now entering its third series. There are lots of recipes for cooking with country ingredients, from partridge to chicken, lamb to pork, salmon to mackerel, blackberries to plums. Stews, roasts and soups sit alongside cakes, puddings and jams in this accessible cookbook that celebrates the best of British ingredients in dishes that herald from far and wide – from a roast shoulder of pork to a Thai noodle soup. All the recipes are simple to prepare and even those with the most surprising flavours are created from everyday ingredients that can be bought from the supermarket. Packed with information on selecting the best ingredients, eating seasonally and foraging, this book is an invaluable source of information as well as a delicious collection of recipes.

    Chapters include:-

    Meat - roasting, skewers of beef, oxtail suet pudding, Scotch eggs, and lots more.

    Deer - roast venison, pave of venison, mulligatawny, potted meat, and lots more.

    Rabbit and hare - hare ragu, rabbit and prune faggots, rabbit pie, and lots more.

    Birds - pot roasted quail, pheasant stroganoff, pheasant Kiev, casserole, roast woodcock, roast goose, woodpigeon, chicken, Aylesbury duck, teal, and lots more.

    Sea fish - monkfish, Cornish chowder, roast hake, grilled mackerel, soused mackerel, bass, Dover sole, sardines, crab, cockles, lobster, oysters, and lots more.

    River fish - salmon, cured salmon, poached sea trout, brown trout, crayfish soup, smoked eel soup, and lots more.

    Cheese and milk - rarebit, goat's cheese, baked Waterloo or Camembert, stilton mousse, winter reblochon pasties, and lots more.

    Mushrooms - salads, devilled mushrooms, baked mushrooms, omelette, and lots more.

    Vegetables - asparagus and cheese tart, creamed spinach with parmesan, watercress soup, risotto, chilled courgette soup, pea and broad bean mash, fried potatoes, linguine, cauliflower croquettes, ratatouille, and lots more.

    Puddings - Scotch pancakes, rhubarb rice pudding, summer pudding and sloe-gin roll, cherry clafoutis, sticky stem giner and walnut cake, chocolate brandy cake, and lots more.

    Bread, preserves and basics - focaccia, soda bread, tarragon and basil butter for fish, infallible vinaigrette, apple and pear chutney and lots more.

    A great book heaving with some very tasty looking recipes and now available at a superb price! This large full colour hardback also makes for a great gift. Highly recommended.

  • At the Water's Edge with Martin James - Bargain price!

    At the Water's Edge by Martin James - Now only £7.95 from Coch-y-Bonddu Books

    At the Water's Edge
    With Martin James

    From tiddlers to tarpon, from the Avon to the Amazon, Martin James's latest book takes the reader on an exciting angling and travel experience to vastly different destinations. Feel the heat of the Caribbean sun on your back and the sand between your toes as you accompany Martin on a bone-fishing expedition. Shiver on the bank of the River Ribble as you fish for barbel in the early morning mist. Martin James's latest book is about more than just fishing: it is a travelogue, a country file, a biography and a lot more, and there is a section entitled 'Miscellany' in which a fascinating range of topics are covered. Martin has achieved so much in his life despite being an MS sufferer from the age of forty, and a diabetic. His first book 'Up Against It' covered his struggle to be a 'normal' angler; this new book is much more than a sequel. Martin's life has touched many people and his charity work has helped the lot of others. He has rightfully earned the recognition of his peers in the angling world.

    At the Water's Edge with Martin James is dedicated to those two great anglers: Richard Stuart Walker and Bernard Venables. The book, which is printed on high quality, semi-glossy paper, is illustrated in the text with pictures capturing events and scenes that Martin and the various contributors have written about, including black and white images from the 1960s and 70s of the mysterious Redmire Pool, where Richard Walker caught his then record 44lb carp. There are invited contributions from Gary Newman, Len Arbery, Trevor Bross, Mick Holgate, Martin Salisbury, Phil Chun, Will Carter and Scott Richmond.

    We have recently purchased a large stock of this fine book and can now offer it at less than half the original price.

    Mint new hardback in dust-wrapper. Was £25.00. Now only £7.95!
  • CLA Game Fair 2014, Blenheim Palace


    Coch-y-Bonddu Books at the CLA Game Fair, Blenheim Palace
    Paul is currently loading up the vans (both of
    them) and trailer with as many new, second-hand and bargain books as
    will fit, in preparation for the
    CLA Game Fair
    at Blenheim Palace this weekend, the 18th, 19th and
    20th of July. We will have the widest range of sporting books available
    covering all subjects such as fishing, game shooting, deer stalking,
    foxing, big game hunting, sporting guns, falconry, working dogs, natural
    history and game cookery. Come and find us at stand number K0467
    - between Fisherman's Row and Gunmaker's Row.

    On Saturday at midday we have a gathering of angling authors on our stand,
    signing copies of their books and answering questions. Come along to have a chat and
    pick up your signed copy! All of these will be visiting, though
    hopefully not all at exactly the same time: Peter Hayes, Dominic Garnett,
    Mark Everard, Theo Pike, Chris McCully, Charles Jardine, Malcolm Greenhalgh
    and Neville Fickling. Some of these
    will be around throughout the weekend, and all will also be taking part
    in forums and discussions in the House of Fishing.

    A few new

    Fishing in Grayling Paradise

    By Karel Krivanec

    Tales of flyfishing for grayling, and the
    occasional trout, on the Vltava River in the Czech Republic by Karel
    Krivanec, author of

    Czech Nymph

    Only 500 copies of this first English language
    edition have been printed.

    Mint new paperback. £14.95

    In the Shooting Field

    By David Barrington Barnes

    A well written and readable book of
    David Barrington Barnes' shooting reminiscences. A lifetime of sport
    with rabbits, grouse, duck, geese, woodcock, pheasant, deer and more
    from the author of
    On the Deer

    Mint new hardback. £19.95

    John Symonds book signing on Friday

    John Symonds, author of Flycasting
    Skills and the just published, How to Fly Fish, will be on our stand on
    Friday. We will have plenty of copies of both of his books with us so
    come along to meet the author and pick up your signed copy.

    Mint new hardbacks. £9.99 each.

    New sporting books from Peter Carr
    Peter Carr, author of the widely acclaimed and best

    British Deer Stalking Bible
    , has recently written and compiled
    several new books on sporting rifles, foxing, deer stalking and other UK
    sporting pursuits. We will have all of them with us this weekend at the CLA.
    If you can't make it to the CLA, all of these books can be ordered
    through our website by following the relevant links below or you can give us a call on 01654 702837.

    Sporting Rifles

    A guide to modern firearms

    By Peter Carr

    An up-to-date book comprising a
    collection of modern sporting rifles available to the rifleman, from
    rimfires right through to big game calibres. From the traditional to the
    very recent, every type of rifle and major manufacturer is covered, with
    historical information, respected rifle reviewers. This is a
    comprehensive book, lavishly illustrated with full colour photographs,
    and is as close to the definitive guide to sporting rifles as you are
    ever going to get.

    Mint new hardback. £24.95

    Sport in Wildest Britain

    By Hesketh Prichard and Peter Carr

    A new edition of Major Hesketh
    Prichard's classic work on UK field sports. Added to this edition is a
    modern perspective on wild sport available in Britain today written by
    sporting author Peter Carr. Both authors take the reader to the wildest
    of foreshores and the remotest of highland landscapes, pitting
    themselves against nature in all her majesty, in the honest pursuit of
    the purest of sport: wild game in wild lands.

    Mint new hardback. £29.95

    Foxing with the Experts

    By Peter Carr

    All today’s top writers in this
    specialised branch of rifle shooting have shared their tips and tricks
    to put more foxes into the bag in the pages of this book. Foxing legends
    such as Mike Powell, Robert Bucknell, Howard Heywood and the Warrener
    reveal all. Pete Carr has selected a number of the successes and
    failures that best illustrate the craft - some of the best foxing
    scribes' most popular stories are included here in one complete volume.

    Mint new hardback. £22.95

    Roe Stalking with the Experts

    By Peter Carr

    Roe Stalking with the Experts is a
    definitive collection of knowledge and stories relating to the UK's
    native roe deer, its habits, and how to successfully and ethically stalk
    it. Some of the UK's foremost deer experts are called on to provide
    their wisdom, and the book also contains examples of the best roe heads
    shot in Britain, courtesy of the BASC trophy measuring service.

    Mint new hardback. £19.95

    And a selection of bargains
    We will have plenty of bargain books on offer at
    the CLA. Listed below are just a small selection. These are all, of
    course, also available to order through our website.
    Click here to
    see the full range.

    Wet-Fly Tying and Fishing
    By Roger FoggRoger Fogg's excellent book on
    tying and fishing the wet fly including much on North Country flies. Now
    available at a great price!
    Was £25.00.

    Now only £9.95!

    We also have a few second-hand copies of Fogg's
    sought-after title,

    The Art of the Wet Fly

    Fly-Fishing in Ireland
    By Thomas J. HannaTommy Hanna's Fly Fishing
    in Ireland is one of the classics of Irish fly-tying and fishing. We
    have just purchased from the publisher the final few copies of this new
    high quality limited edition and can offer it, for a limited time, at a
    very discounted price.
    Was £30.00.

    Now only £9.95!

    We also have one or two copies left of the
    handsomely produced
    de luxe
    leather-bound edition

    Was £135.00Now only £50.00! Was £100.00Now only £50.00! Was £25.00Now only £12.95! Was £35.00Now only £9.95!

    Was £25.00Now only £9.95! Was £25.00Now only £9.95! Was £25.00Now only £12.95! Was £16.95Now only £7.95!


  • Irish and Scottish Game Fairs

    The van and trailer are loaded and today we're setting off to Northern Ireland for the game fair at Shane's Castle, Antrim, 28th and 29th of June. After the weekend we'll be making our way across to Scotland to set up for the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace on the 4th, 5th and 6th of July. We hope to see you there.

    Despite rushing around packing the van Paul has found time to track down a few good new books and some great bargains. Keep an eye on the newest listings section for details.

    Details of a few below:

    Wet-Fly Tying and Fishing by Roger FoggWet-Fly Tying and Fishing
    by Roger Fogg

    Roger Fogg presents a detailed exposition of the wet-fly, giving much of its history and the varying opinions and experiences of its proponents, as well as much material on patterns and tying. This is complemented by an equally detailed account of fishing techniques and methods.

    Published price £25.00. Special Coch-y-Bonddu Books price now only £9.95!

    Fly-Fishing in Ireland
    by Thomas Hanna

    Tommy Hanna of Moneymore was an innovative and imaginative fly-dresser. He corresponded with Skues, Harding and McClelland, and Courtney Williams devotes two pages to his patterns, comparing him favourably with Skues - "...but the Irishman has more imagination." A classic of Irish angling and fly-tying. Originally published in 1933, this new edition, published in 2003, was limited to 1,000 copies and has now sold out with the publisher. We can offer the last few copies at a bargain price.

    Published price £30.00. Special Coch-y-Bonddu Books price £9.95!

    Fishing in Grayling Paradise by Karel KrivanecFishing in Grayling Paradise
    by Karel Krivanec

    Tales of flyfishing for grayling, and the occasional trout, on the Vltava River in the region of the Sumava mountains in the Czech Republic by noted Czech angling author, Karel Krivanec. The stories were all written between 2001 and 2010 and take place on the upper section of the river known as the Warm Vltava, from its confluence with the Grassy Vltava (Rasnice) in Lenora to the confluence with the Cold Vltava near Smolna Pec.
    First published in Czech in 2010, this new English translation is limited to only 500 copies. We have a handful of copies now but the main stock should arrive with us very soon.

    Mint new paperback limited to 500 copies only. Price £14.95

    Life of a Chalkstream
    by Simon Cooper

    This delightful book records a year in the life of an essentially English waterscape, one that is home to a vast array of wildlife and natural habitat of the keen angler - the chalkstream. Simon Cooper grew up in Hampshire, where he first fell in love with fly fishing. Only after moving away did he realise how little people knew about the secret world of the chalkstreams. Chalkstreams are nearly exclusive to England, ranging from Dorset to Yorkshire and including the famous River Test in Hampshire. Every river is special in its own right. Life of a Chalkstream is a lyrical and revealing voyage through the yearly cycle of this unique waterway. From the remarkable spectacle of salmon, sea trout and brown trout spawning in winter, to the emergence of water voles in spring and the explosion of mayflies in the early days of summer, the author evocatively describes the natural wonders of the chalkstream. He introduces us to the fascinating diversity of life that inhabits its the wildlife. We learn how neglect threatens these inhabitants and why the fight to save the chalkstreams is so vital, not only for fishermen, but for anybody who values the beauty of rural England.

    Mint in dust-wrapper. Price £16.99.

    All Born with a Hunter's Instinct by Paul DooleyAll Born with a Hunter's Instinct
    by Paul Dooley

    Following the success of Paul's first book, Stormy Nights and Frosty Mornings, he's back to recount more of his adventures in the field with his lurchers, terriers, ferrets and hawks. Launched at the Welsh Game Fair, all of our copies have been signed by the author

    Mint new hardback. Signed by the author. Price £22.50.

  • Gierach has arrived!

    All Fishermen are Liars by John Gierach Mint new hardback in dust-wrapper. Signed by the author. £16.95

    The latest eagerly anticipated new book from John Gierach has just arrived. All of our copies are from the first printing of the first edition and have been signed by the author on the title-page. As with every other new Gierach book, these signed first printings probably won't be around for long!


    All Fishermen are Liars
    by John Gierach

    "In All Fishermen are Liars, Gierach travels across North America from the Pacific Northwest to the Canadian Maritimes to seek out quintessential fishing experiences. Whether he's fishing a busy stream or a secluded lake amid snow-capped mountains, Gierach insists that fishing is always the answer - even when it's not clear what the question is. All Fishermen are Liars covers fishing topics large and small: the art of fly-tying and the quest for the perfect steelhead fly; fishing in the Presidential Pools previously fished by the first President George Bush; and the importance of travelling with like-minded companions when caught in a soaking downpour... Gierach may occasionally lose a fish, but he never loses his passion for fishing or his sense of humor. All Fishermen are Liars proves yet again that life's most valuable lessons - and some of its best experiences - can be found while fly-fishing."

    "The master of fly-fishing." (Alan Pierleoni, Sacramento Bee).

    "What Gierach actually writes about is life, as seen through the eyes of a guy who spends a lot of his time with a fly rod in his hand." (D'Arcy Egan, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland).

    "All Fishermen are Liars is rich in the savvy, humor, and sidelong takes on our sport that have made all of John's books such addictive reading." (Paul Schullery).

    "John Gierach remains the most consistently eloquent fly-fishing writer of modern times." (James R. Babb).

    Mint new hardback in dust-wrapper. Signed by the author. £16.95

  • Game Bird Diseases by Alan Pearson

    Game Bird Diseases by Alan PearsonThe latest book to arrive from Blaze Publishing is Alan Pearson's incredibly useful guide to game bird diseases.

    Game Bird Diseases
    A gamekeeper's guide
    By Alan Pearson

    "A practical guide to avoid and identify avian maladies."

    This is a pocket-sized book aimed at the working gamekeeper. A wealth of easily understood information is readily available at a moment’s notice. All the common and a number of the not-so-common gamebird diseases and other aliments are included in this handy reference guide. Game stock welfare, disease identification, prevention, and treatment alternatives are all suggested in a no-nonsense narrative that will aid today’s working gamekeeper or game farmer to raise and release healthy game stock. This is a publication that every low ground keeper should have at hand during rearing time and will also prove useful for the veterinary practitioner.

    "The book is split into two parts. The first is a practical reference guide to good game bird husbandry practices that, if adhered to, will help keepers maintain a sound health regime and avoid many of the problems that are contained in the second part. Part two is an alphabetical list of diseases, parasites and conditions. Gamekeepers will be able to return to the first section time and again to reinforce their knowledge... Equally, by familiarising oneself with the second section, a good grounding in what can go wrong and what to do about it will also be achievable thanks to Alan's easily understood narratives." (From the foreword by Peter Carr). Carr also edited the book.

    An immensely useful book on a subject poorly covered in the more recent gamekeeping literature.

    Mint new pocket-sized hardback. £14.95.

    About the author:

    Alan Pearson has been a practising vet for 37 years, and specialises in game birds and poultry. He has worked with some of the UK's largest hatcheries and rearing sites, and has been a regular contributor to Modern Gamekeeping magazine's game bird vet column.

  • Salmon Flies: Past and present - de luxe edition

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present - de luxe editionSalmon Flies: Past and Present
    by Henk van Bork

    Flyfisher's Classic Library de luxe edition
    Limited to only 13 copies, only 10 of which are being offered for sale.

    Hand-bound by Phil Parkins, at Ludlow Bookbinders, these books incorporate all that is best  in traditional English Craft Bookbinding. Signed and numbered by the author. Presented in a solander box, this book is bound in  finest scarlet-coloured goatskin leather with three raised bands on the spine, gold foil blocked on spine and front, with a blind frame on front and back cover, with an inset image of the Spirit Fly.

    Incorporated within the solander box is a beautifully executed cloth-bound presentation folder which holds an original salmon fly tied by the author. The folder and solander box are made from complementary scarlet cloth and the box is lined with watermarked silk.

    Destined to become one of the scarcest and most collectable of salmon fly books.

    A couple of comments on the book:

    "I received the book this morning, and the first 5 minutes I was out of this world, wooouuuw what a nice job you have done. Absolutely wonderful..."

    "What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much... Your bookbinder from Ludlow has done a superb job and the book will take pride of place in my angling library."

    Only a few copies remain - first come, first served! Price £495.00

    UPDATE - Only one copy left! Please contact us soon if you would like to reserve the final copy of this beautiful de luxe book.

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present - de luxe editionSalmon Flies: Past and Present - de luxe edition

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present - de luxe edition

  • Where Eagles Hare

    Where Eagles Hare by Thomas Carnihan

    Where Eagles Hare
    by Thomas Carnihan

    Recently arrived in stock is this beautiful new book from eagle falconer, Thomas Carnihan. All of our copies have been signed by the author.

    "This definitive book portrays one man's incredible experiences, driven by the desire to own and train a captive-bred Golden Eagle. The journey starts in the UK and travels across Europe into Slovakia. It interweaves sadness and joy with a humour that is purely the author's own. The enchanting prose is supported with the most stunning, first time published, photographs, all taken by the author."

    A privately published book of beautiful photographs and accompanying text telling the story of the author's experience training a golden eagle with the eventual aim of flying it at Slovakian hare, a notoriously difficult quarry.

    Mint new hardback. Signed by the author. £45.00.

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