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  • Hooked on Floats - last few copies


    Hooked on Floats
    Vintage and antique fishing floats from 1860 - 1960
    A collector's companion

    By Jeff Della Mura

    De luxe leather-bound edition

    We have just managed to get hold of the very last few copies of this superb book from Jeff Della Mura. The standard cloth-bound edition, limited to 340 copies, has now completely sold out and copies are already changing hands for three figure sums. We have just a few copies of the de luxe leather-bound edition available and we are able to offer them at the original cover price of £210.

    This de luxe book is limited to only 60 signed and numbered copies. It is half-bound in red leather over marbled boards and is presented in a red cloth-bound slipcase. Each copy of the de luxe edition comes with a piece of original artwork used in the production of the book or unique author's concept sketches. Click here to see the listing on our website.

    HookedOnFloatsDeluxe HookedOnFloatsQuills

     Vintage fishing floats are becoming hard to find and are increasingly expensive. Sure indicators that interest and the need for knowledge are growing. Hooked on Floats is a timely arrival. The book is not a direct history of floats, nor is it a treatise on their design or use. It is intended as a collector’s companion and features much needed identification and chronology sourced from numerous makers’ catalogues.

    Hooked on Floats is focused on fishing floats dating from 1860 to 1960, the period from which most material can be found. Though it is primarily concerned with British floats the book also takes a meandering tour of some select international examples.

    The bulk of the floats shown in Hooked on Floats are from the author’s collection. He has been absorbed by angling’s most humble artefact for more than a decade and was anointed in one radio broadcast as England’s most obsessive float collector. But there are other, likeminded souls. Indeed the opening chapter offers the personal reflections of a number of float enthusiasts – some being very familiar names in the world of angling – who share their memories, their thoughts and their favourites.

    One determined ambition is that the book should visually entertain. Rather than rely upon dry illustrations lifted from vintage catalogues or patent drawings it has been designed around quality photography of real floats - of wood grain, of aging paint, and even of repairs. Consequently most of the pictures show floats in a realistic condition. The aim being to invoke a sense of nostalgic connection – to enable a metaphoric handshake with an angler or float maker who may be long gone.

    Throughout the book much care has been taken to keep the visual pace fresh and to include pleasurable context in the form of angling memorabilia, vintage packaging, tackle shop photographs, old postcards, trade graphics and so on. Hooked on Floats will appeal to anyone who remembers that crystalline moment when for the very first time their own float disappeared from view - and in so doing, sowed a seed that influenced a lifetime.


  • Underwater Angling - bargain price

    Underwater Angling by Paul Garner and Stuart MorganUnderwater Angling
    by Paul Garner and Stuart Morgan

    We have just taken the stock of the last few copies of this excellent coarse angling book from Paul Garner and Stuart Morgan.

    This is a superb new book from freelance writer, photographer and angling consultant Dr Paul Garner, and twice barbel record-holder and underwater film maker Stuart Morgan. Illustrated with hundreds of full-colour underwater photographs of rigs, baits and fish, showing what really goes on beneath the surface. Advanced tips and techniques from two of the most successful and forward-thinking anglers in the modern specimen angling scene.

    Originally published at £24.99.

    We can offer these last few copies at the special Coch-y-Bonddu price of just £12.95!

    Below are a few images from inside the book to give you a bit of a taster. There are excellent underwater photographs throughout.

  • Thursday 10th April 2014 - Thousands more books!

    Thought I'd let you know what I'm uncovering as we fill the shelves in the new container.

    I have opened about twenty boxes from the hidden Californian horde. The books are high quality flyfishing and fly-tying, with an emphasis on the USA. The British stuff is already well represented on the website, but there are an awful lot, probably over a thousand, American flyfishing books to get through. At least now they are out on shelves I can see what I've got, and if you are looking for anything in particular I will be able to find it.

    I have big-game hunting books stashed in three different locations - again, over a thousand titles. Yesterday we began the process of bringing them together on shelves. There are a lot of rare and collectable books among them, as well as plenty of old favourites - Corbett, Anderson, Hunter, Capstick and the like.

    This process of consolidation is showing just how many copies we have of many titles. There are many good books which I have assiduously pursued through auctions and bookfairs over the past thirty years. Now I can see them all together on the shelf I am shocked to find that in some cases I have accumulated twenty or thirty copies of what I have always claimed was a scarce book! One result of this is that I am reducing the prices of many titles in an effort to thin them out a bit. If you keep an eye on the Newest Listings section on the home-page of this list you will see many of these bargains.

    Two of my three silkies (despite months of doubt, all three turned out to be pullets) are now broody and sitting on Welsummer eggs. The eggs are big and the fowl are small, so they've only got half a dozen each. They must be happy to be sitting in dry hay after paddling around in mud for the last six months. There's nothing sadder than a wet silkie!

    Four rabbits racing around the field yesterday. I think they have an inherited disposition to avoid my end of the field. After all, any of their ancestors that encroached closer than fifty yards finished in the pot - or the frying pan if they hadn't yet attained puberty.

    Broody silkies Broody silkies

  • Tuesday 8th April 2014 - yet another container!

    I couldn't stop myself - the space outside my warehouse was perfect for yet another forty-foot shipping container. A quick flash of the credit-card and three days later, there it was, along with eighty feet of six-foot-high racking. All that empty shelf-space!
    Straight away I saw the benefit. In 2005 I was browsing a Californian auction site on the Internet. The auction was actually taking place and I realised that I could bid, live, on-line. All lots were well illustrated so I sat up half the night and bought half the lots in the sale. Forty big boxes of books arrived a few weeks later and were consigned, unopened, to a dark corner because no-one had time to catalogue them, and in any case, where were we going to put them? Today I started opening them - it was just like Christmas!

    Too early for mountain brownies, but not for stockie rainbows, so Tonto and I headed for the hills a couple of days ago and bashed a few nice silver two-pounders. Just like the old days! It will probably be my only rainbow fishing trip of the season - it will soon be warm enough to stir the real trouts.

    Checked out our secret trout pond on 1st April. We thought there were fish rising everywhere, but it turned out to be lots of toads having a ball.

    2014-04-01 13.46.32

  • Fields of Dreams - signed copies in stock

    Fields of Dreams by Lord James Percy

    Fields of Dreams
    A journey of sporting passion
    by Lord James Percy

    Over the past few months this book has been selling very well indeed. We have recently obtained a small stock of new, unread copies that have been signed by Lord Percy and can offer them at the cover price of just £30.00.

    Growing up in the wilds of Northumberland and Scotland, James Percy has enjoyed a privileged life dominated by sporting adventures. He shares his deep respect for the Great British countryside and his passion for conservation, wildlife, shooting and fishing in a series of beautifully written essays. He recalls sepia-tinted memories of childhood trips to river banks and moorland, and his developing love affairs with pigeons, grouse, salmon, trout... family dogs and girls. Now married with four children, his young family plays a big part in his sporting life. Home, at Linhope, in Northumberland, is also the base for the grouse, pheasant and partridge shoots that he has painstakingly developed since the 1980s. Snapshot entries from some of his 2007 and 2008 diary pages highlight the heartache, triumphs and disasters that shoots endure in this part of the world. But shooting and fishing are only part of the story. James Percy is first and foremost a passionate countryman and he writes not so much about the numbers of game or weight of fish, but the very essence of the creatures, traditions and characters. It is a colourful mosaic of unapologetic nostalgia, quiet comedy and Northumbrian humour – the hard truths and gentle reflections of a northern countryman’s way of life.

    Mint new copy in dust-wrapper. Signed by the author. £30.00

    Lord James Percy signing copies of his new book, Fields of Dreams Lord James Percy signing copies of his new book, Fields of Dreams

  • The Terriers and Terriermen of Ireland

    The Terriers & Terriermen of Ireland
    by Johnny Bluck

    Just arrived in the warehouse is the latest book from Johnny Bluck, The Terriers and Terriermen of Ireland.

    "Johnny has gone to great lengths to produce this his latest and possibly best book to date... a book like no other in terms of the richness of its contents and the look into the lives of the greatest terriermen in Ireland... This book has it all and then some more... you only have to look at the front of the book to get an insight into what riches lie beneath its cover... The history, the terriers the digging...The formation of the Irish Working Terrier Federation and its fight to save terrierwork for all terriermen in Ireland!. It is a limited edition book with only 1,200 copies being made available. Once they're gone, They're gone for good!!"


    Mint new hardback. Signed and numbered by the author. Only £25.00.

  • Westcountry Game Fair 2014 - this weekend

    Don't forget to come and see us at the Westcountry Game Fair this weekend at The Royal Bath and West Showground, Somerset. We will have a good varied range of books on fishing and field sports but if you would like us to bring along any specific titles for you to look at (anything at all that you have seen on our website) then you will need to let us know by Thursday morning (tomorrow) at the very latest as we will be leaving early!

    See you there.

  • March newsletter


    The Westcountry Game Fair and our Spring Sale!

    Once again we will be off to the Westcountry Game Fair at The Royal Bath & West Showground, Somerset on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd March 2014, as usual we will be bringing lots of bargains! For more information see the News Page on our website.

    Before that, Paul will be setting up his stall at the Romsey Fishing Tackle Fair on Sunday March 9th - so whether you are buying or selling - come and see him! If there are any books you would like bringing to either of these events, give us a call in plenty of time.

    The British Deer Stalking Bible

    British Deer Stalking Bible

    by Peter Carr

    In-depth origins and facts about all of
    the large quarry species that can be legally hunted in the British Isles
    and Ireland together with personal reminiscences of actual hunts. The
    first edition sold out almost immediately after publication and so this
    considerably revised and updated edition will be very welcome. Due for
    publication early March.

    Mint new hardback. £19.95

    The Great Coch-y-Bonddu Books Sale!

    Our warehouses are just about full to bursting and with so many new books in the pipeline for 2014 we need to clear a bit of space for them! Below you will find a selection of superb books at truly unbeatable prices. Many of these we have only a very limited stock of and so these bargains will not be around for long. The titles below are just a small selection, if you would like to see our whole range of well over 800 bargain priced books then please click here.

    Was £14.99
    Now only £6.95!
    Was £16.99
    Now only £6.95!
    Was £16.99
    Now only £7.95!
    Was £7.99
    Now only £3.95!

    Was £25.00
    Now only £7.95!
    Was £9.99
    Now only £1.95!
    Was £9.99
    Now only £4.95!
    Was £9.99
    Now only £4.95!

    Was £35.00
    Now only £9.95!
    Was £30.00
    Now only £9.95!
    Was £19.95
    Now only £9.95!
    Was £29.95
    Now only £14.95!

    Was £19.95
    Now only £7.95!
    Was £9.99
    Now only £5.95!
    Was £9.99
    Now only £4.95!

    Was £16.95

    Now only £7.95!

    Was £20.00
    Now only £10.95!
    Was £9.99
    Now only £4.95! 
    Was £25.00
    Now only £14.95!
    Was £25.00
    Now only £14.95!

    Was £14.99
    Now only £7.95!
    Was £16.99
    Now only £5.95!
    Was £25.00
    Now only £12.95!
    Was £18.99
    Now only £5.95!


  • Westcountry Game Fair, 22nd & 23rd of March


    Support for the countryside!

    The Royal Bath & West Showground, Somerset will once again welcome the ever-popular Westcountry Game Fair on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd March 2014. This important countryside event, supported by the British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC), will celebrate eighteen years of entertaining the public and creating a platform for countryside traditions and issues to be promoted and supported.

    The event has a wonderful mix of have-a-go activities including archery, air rifles, Terrier and Lurcher shows, family dog show, clay shooting; fascinating demonstrations both indoor and outdoor – top names in the areas of falconry, wildfowling, ferreting, gun dog training, fly casting and more; educational insight into a variety of countryside issues and sports and a fabulous shopping village all under cover in four halls! There will be a variety of companies selling a range of products from country clothing, guns, fishing, deer stalking equipment to gundog equipment, local food and drink and crafts.

    The Somerset Smallholders will also host a selection of activities, demonstrations, advice and stalls.

    BASC (British Association of Shooting and Conservation) play a prominent role at the event providing shooting coaching, gundog scurries and sharing their knowledge and expertise on their trade stand in the shopping village, with features including a wildfowlers row, artists row, Game tasting, shooting clinic and much more.

    In addition, the cookery theatre will host a variety of chefs all with simple, easy to follow delicious game recipes.

    You can keep up to date with everything happening at the show by visiting our website or joining our Facebook group and following us on Twitter. For exhibitor enquiries, please call 01392 421500.


    To book your tickets in advance and save money visit or call the ticket office 01749 813899

    Westcountry Game Fair 2014

  • BFFI 2014

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present
    by Henk Van Bork

    This weekend Paul, Luke and Marion are off to the BFFI in Stafford. The main event will be the launch of our new salmon fly book Salmon Flies: Past and Present by Henk van Bork. Henk will be with us all weekend so come along to get your copy signed and discuss the art of the salmon fly.

    Peter Hayes, author of Fly Fishing Outside the Box, was due to be with us too but after some recent surgery  his doctor has advised him not to travel so he will unfortunately not be able to attend. We will however have plenty of copies of his book and they will all be signed.

    Yet more signed books! Tony Hayter, author of the superb new biography of G.E.M. Skues, is also unfortunately unable to attend however we have got hold of a few signed copies of his book and will be bringing them along to the show. The author has signed very few of these so make sure to come along and secure your copy!

    Along with the signed books above we'll be bringing along a wide selection of all the latest flyfishing and fly-tying books plus plenty of out-of-print titles, a few of our fine de luxe editions and a huge number of reduced-price books. We hope to see you there!

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