Sunday 26th March 2017 - Tideline Books

Over forty years ago Geoff Worrall offered me a job as his assistant at Tideline Books. Nothing came of it - he wouldn't pay my fare from Orkney, and I couldn't afford it. Over the years our paths crossed, buying and selling books to each other -  Geoff died in 1997, but his business continued under other owners up until today. This week I bought the remaining stock and assets of Tideline Books, bringing together the two leading British field sports publishers. Tideline Books have been publishing books on wildfowling, deer-stalking, sporting dogs and guns since 1969, and many of their classic titles remain in print. It is going to be great fun finding a home for all those books (probably another forty-foot shipping container) and incorporating a lot of new titles into the Coch-y-Bonddu list. Watch this space - there will be lots of new books listed here over the next couple of weeks - many of them at bargain prices!

Net-Making for Sport Net-Making for Sport

Tales of a Wildfowler Tales of a Wildfowler

Nine Maneaters and One Rogue Nine Maneaters and One Rogue

The Roe Deer - Tegner The Roe Deer - Tegner

The Jack Russell Terrier - Plummer The Jack Russell Terrier - Plummer

The Wildfowler in Scotland The Wildfowler in Scotland

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