The Terriers and Terriermen of Ireland

The Terriers & Terriermen of Ireland
by Johnny Bluck

Just arrived in the warehouse is the latest book from Johnny Bluck, The Terriers and Terriermen of Ireland.

"Johnny has gone to great lengths to produce this his latest and possibly best book to date... a book like no other in terms of the richness of its contents and the look into the lives of the greatest terriermen in Ireland... This book has it all and then some more... you only have to look at the front of the book to get an insight into what riches lie beneath its cover... The history, the terriers the digging...The formation of the Irish Working Terrier Federation and its fight to save terrierwork for all terriermen in Ireland!. It is a limited edition book with only 1,200 copies being made available. Once they're gone, They're gone for good!!"


Mint new hardback. Signed and numbered by the author. Only £25.00.

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